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Ideas for painting walls

It happens that the interior in the house is completely boring, andWith the advent of spring, you always want to change something and update. And the simplest and most budgetary way to refresh the design of a dwelling is to repaint the walls. in order to Original paint the walls, It is not necessary to have a lot of tools and cool accessories. It is enough to know some tricky tricks that will easily help to achieve an amazing result!

Today edition "so simple!" Will show how you can simply and unusually paint the walls in the house with the help of improvised materials. It will turn out simply amazing!

Wall painting ideas

Wall painting ideas

  1. This unusual pattern can be created with the help ofOrdinary sponge. To achieve this effect, it is necessary to paint the walls with monochrome paint and allow them to dry for several hours. Then dip a sponge in a paint of contrasting color and with light driving movements put a textured pattern on the surface. The decoration of the walls is gorgeous!

    Ideas of painting walls in a room

    Decoration of walls

  2. Such strips make it easy! You need only a brush with long bristles or an ordinary broom. As in the previous case, you need to paint the wall and let it dry, then smoothly apply strips on the surface - vertical or horizontal.

    By the way, experienced masters recommend using Glue based on glue, Then it will be easier to achieve the desired result.

    Ideas for painting striped walls

    Decoration of walls with own hands

  3. And with a crumpled rag you can recreate the effect of Venetian plaster in your living room. The principle is the same as with the sponge, only the pattern on the surface turns out to be quite unusual. sumptuously!
    Decorating the walls with your own hands
  4. Here is another awesome idea of ​​decorative painting the walls. The messy application of glue paint will create an amazing deep pattern that fits any interior.
    The decor of the walls in the living room
  5. Stencils - just an irreplaceable thing withDecoration of walls. They can be purchased at the store or made with your own hands. If the ornament is repeated, then the effect of the wallpaper will be obtained. A little patience - and the exclusive decor is ready!

    Wall decor without wallpaper

    Decorating walls with paint by own hands

Sometimes repairs can be turned into an exciting adventure. It is only to give vent to fantasy, and your home will play with new bright colors!