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Disadvantages of the skin

Imperfections of the skin Can cause a lot of discomfort and give birthComplexes. Hormonal imbalances and lifestyle changes are the most common causes of problems such as warts, pigmentation, enlarged pores and moles.

How to remove skin imperfections

To eliminate these imperfections, you can refer to cosmetic and pharmacy products. but "so simple!" Advises you to pay attention to Natural remedies, Which will restore your skin beauty and health. Of course, like before any treatment you should consult a doctor, because often skin problems can indicate more serious violations in the body.

Skin imperfections

  1. Warts
    The human papilloma virus (HPV) is known to physicians for a long time - it is he who causes The formation of warts. They are small growths on theSkin or mucous membranes. The most common ways to solve this problem are the freezing and use of salicylic acid. But natural products cope with warts no worse.

    Wipe the wart before going to sleep with a banana peel. Do this for 2 weeks or until this flaw disappears. Another good remedy is fresh honey. Before going to bed, rub a little honey into the wart and wrap this place with a bandage. The term of treatment is the same as with the banana.

    Also the wart will disappear when using garlic juice. Rub it with this remedy twice a day for 2 weeks and wrap it with a bandage. for Express wart removal You need apple cider vinegar. Moisten a piece of cotton wool in it, attach it to the build-up and wrap it with a bandage for the night. In the morning repeat the procedure, and by the evening you will be pleasantly surprised.

    In no case do not rip off the wart! You should also consult a doctor if you notice strange processes inside it, for example inflammation.

    How to remove warts folk remedies

  2. Moles
    There are birthmarks from birth, there are acquired, there are flat, and there are convex. Before you start removing the birthmark, you should always consult with your doctor and take the necessary tests.

    And again garlic comes to the rescue. To prevent skin trauma, rub around the birthmark with castor oil or any other oil. Put on the birthmark garlic juice and paste on top of the patch. Keep the plaster on the mole 4 hours a day. Repeat the procedure until you get rid of the problem.

    You can also mix castor oil and soda inEqual amounts. Apply the resulting paste on the birthmark and fix it with a bandage or band-aid. Do this before bed. In the morning, take off the compress and rinse the area with water.

    Imperfections of the skin

  3. pigmentation
    Spots on the skin may be age-related, but mayAppear from excessive exposure to the sun. Most often they appear on the face, shoulders and arms. The most famous remedy for this deficiency is lemon. Just moisten his cotton disc in his juice and wipe the problem areas twice a day.

    Another reliable helper - aloe. Apply freshly squeezed juice of this plant to the desired areas for at least 30 minutes. It's best to do this all night. Also for Getting rid of age spots You can mix horseradish and vinegar in a 1: 1 ratio. Apply the resulting mixture to the affected area of ​​the skin every day for 15 minutes until the problem disappears completely. Only consider that this remedy is not suitable for the face.

    How to remove pigmentation

  4. Expanded pores
    Dilated, clogged pores always look repulsive, especially in people who have long since emerged from adolescence.

    To clean the pores and allow the skinTo breathe, it is necessary to do steaming. For this, boil water with chamomile flowers, remove the decoction from the plate and hold your face over the steam. Just do not bend too low to get a burn. After this, apply egg white on the face to narrow the pores. After drying, wash the egg with warm water and use a moisturizer.

    Imperfections of the skin

Nature is the best healer. She gives a lot of useful tools that can preserve your beauty and youth. Do not run yourself, fight with shortcomings in a timely manner, and then you will always look fine.

We wish you health and eternal youth! Share useful tips with friends.