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What to do with an old refrigerator

Made a modern repair, and the old refrigeratorAs a thorn in the eye? Do not rush to throw it away, because there are a lot of ways to inexpensively and originally transform the kind of refrigerator that has seen it. Here are 8 great ideas!

What to do from an old refrigerator with your own hands

Ideas for creativity

  1. Bright sticker
    This is the easiest and fastest way to decorate the refrigerator. A variety of labels will allow you to choose a suitable picture for any interior.
    The decor of the refrigerator with your own hands
  2. Decoupage
    The decor of the refrigerator Using the technique of decoupage requires certain skills and patience. But the result will be magnificent. Believe, such a creative refrigerator will be proud of any mistress.
    9; the decor of the refrigerator master class
  3. Staining
    To update the annoying color is always a good solution. You can choose a shade that emphasizes the details of the interior. before How to color a refrigerator, Prepare the surface.
    How to decorate a refrigerator with your own hands
  4. wallpaper
    When there is not much money for renewal, everything that comes to hand comes into play. Old wallpaper - just what you need. Quickly, easily, and most importantly, not costly.
    Ideas on how to decorate a refrigerator
  5. Photo
    Decorate the refrigerator with memories. Print your favorite photos and completely cover them with a refrigerator. A great idea for those who like to remember everything good.
    10; kitchen decor with own hands
  6. slate
    Refrigerator, covered with slate paper, not only stylish, but practical. On such a surface you can make notes, leave messages, write down recipes, draw.
    From the old refrigerator with their own hands
  7. mirror
    An interesting mirror on the door will not only transform the refrigerator, but also visually make the kitchen more.
    What to do from an old refrigerator
  8. Imitation wood
    With the help of paint and decorative moldings from the old refrigerator, you can make a real art object with your own hands. This solution is suitable for vintage kitchens with wooden furniture.
    Decor fridge photo

That's how with the help of inexpensive materials and imagination you can change the refrigerator beyond recognition. Guests and the head does not come, that this technique 10, or even all 20 years.

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