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Repair of the hall by one's own hands

I can not say that this instruction will teach, How to make repairs in the hallway. But inspire for sure! Rather, it is an idea that people have not been too lazy to implement. Earlier the pocket-corridor was a real punishment for two families living side by side ... now this corridor became a source of pride! Marvelous transformation.

Repair of the hall by one's own hands

The history of the miraculous transformation

  1. Junk, dull look. What reminds this corridor? A warehouse of unnecessary things and a museum of Soviet poverty at the same time.
    Repair hallway photo design
  2. For a few seconds of staying in such a corridor, you can get soaked through with despair. is not it so? Oh, how many unhappy families live in similar conditions ...
    Repair hallway photo design
  3. It all started with photo wallpapers. Once the thoroughly exhausted resident of one of the apartments, the hope saw bright wallpaper in the living room of one of her friends ... oh, how they liked her! For some reason, immediately came the thought of an eerie hallway and the fact that the wallpaper could have decorated it.

    One snag: shields. Where to put them?

    Beautiful hallway renovation photo

  4. The family of hope loved traveling. Enterprising residents decided to decorate the corridor thematically: maps, travel, everything that is connected with this. Perfectly fit into the concept and electrical shields! They were disguised with a magnetic board.
    Beautiful hallway renovation photo
  5. The ceiling, the door and the bottom of the hallway were lined with plastic panels. It is very convenient, they are easy to wash, and in fact these zones are always dirty. on the walls - vinyl wallpapers, They are also easy to put in order in which case.
    Repair in the hallway photo
  6. Magnetic board looks chic!
    Beautiful repair in the hallway
  7. To create such beauty, you needed a magnetic board - galvanizing, sheet size 1260 x 2000, as well as paint for metal.
    How to repair an entrance hall
  8. Door hinges, wallpapers and magnets, jute rope and liquid nails ... it would seem that such materials are available, but what a delight!
    Repair in the hallway photo
  9. I do not even believe that earlier these old shields were on display ... it's good that they were hidden.
    Repair in the corridor
  10. Of course, for such exploits you need skillful hands. The hope was to rely on whom: her husband helped her in everything!
    Repair hallway in the panel house
  11. The children were enthusiastic about the ideas with the cards!
    Repair hallway photo
  12. this is not the end! In the plans of the resourceful inhabitants of the usual house - to put furniture from whitish oak in the hallway, and also to replace the rug so that it corresponds to the pattern on the walls.
    Corridor repair
  13. All that is necessary for the transformation of the old corridor, is in the usual building store.
    Repair of anteroom
  14. Even linoleum was chosen with taste: it is made under shingle!
    Repair of anteroom

Repair hallway in the panel house Always put off for later. But this place also matters! When in the corridor it's beautiful, the neighbor's hand will not go up there, I'm sure ... this decision really fascinated me! Perhaps, the idea is useful to your friends: show them this post, inspiring hope for a miracle and inspiring to heroic deeds.