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There is something about which many even do notBut it is very important for their health. No matter how often you change the sheets, bedspreads and pillows, it often remains unchanged, and this is a mattress. But in fact it can be full of bacteria and ticks that will eventually harm your health, causing various allergies and infections!

Attack bed mites

Bedding, or dust, mites feed on particles of dead skin of a man, and a little wet bedding is their favorite place of residence. Nevertheless, just one simple action will help you Clean the mattress And destroy this invisible threat to health! Do it as soon as possible!

How to get rid of bed ticks

Bed tick often becomes a causeAllergies, skin rashes and attacks of asthmatic cough. Some species of small arachnids can settle in human skin, causing demodicosis, a very difficult disease to treat. The skin of a person infected with demodicosis, blushes, flakes, acne eruptions, inflammations in the eyelids.

Assistant in the fight against the tick, which resides in your mattress, it's pretty simple. Each of the ingredients used is easy to find in a spice shop!

Anise or bad


  • anise
  • fennel
  • thyme
  • lavender

Mixture of spices


  1. All the ingredients in equal proportions grind in a bulk pan.
  2. Scatter the dust on the mattress.
  3. Leave for two hours.
  4. Thoroughly clean the mattress with a vacuum cleaner.
  5. Repeat the procedure twice a week.


With the help of spices and these simple actions, allTypes of microorganisms will be easily eliminated. And remember, your health depends on the purity of your mattress. Do not be lazy and use this effective method. Also to maintain the hygiene of the bed, change sheets at least once a week, ventilate the room and regularly vacuum your room.

a happy family

This reliable method can stop the attackMonsters >> and win a battle against a bed tick. Keep your health and calm sleep. And after the death of these pests, the air in the room will immediately become purer, as if by magic!

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