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How to manage to live and work

There are women whom I tirelessly admire! for example, Mother of three children, One of which is my son's classmate. This busy businesswoman is slender, as if she had never given birth, and her children were brought up perfectly. A woman engaged in yoga, every week has time to go to church and often goes to another city for fashion designer shows.

In all her husband helps her. And since they live in the suburbs, the spouse drives children to school every day by car, overcoming 20 km. And his wife and children, he adores, it is noticeable even to the person who sees the family for the first time!

I'm interested in people who are better than me. I wonder how they do it? How it turns out to be an excellent mom, mistress and at the same time a woman who does not forget to take care of herself and looks chic? Once we got to talking with Daniil's mom, and she said that we managed to deal with everything, Keep up It helps ... gas stove.

How to manage everything and not get tired

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How to manage to live and work

There is a curious theory of four burners. Four burners On a conventional gas stove symbolize the work,Family, health (sport), hobbies. The theory says that in order to achieve maximum success in different spheres of life it is necessary to "disconnect" one cooking zone, and better - just two at once!

How to do everything around the house

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"In my opinion, this is wrong. Because sports do not take as much time as work, while helping to maintain health strong, and figure - slender! Excluding any physical activity from everyday life, you will not save much time, and health - you will ruin. You can do everything!

In one week 168 hours. 60 takes away work, it does not matter if you work in the office or you are a housewife. Approximately 56 hours go to sleep. Only 3 hours a week from the total amount of time you can spend on sports, 2 hours - for the soul, for going to the movies and theater. Total 46 hours just will remain for family dinners and dinners, walks with children, joint leisure with her husband!

How to manage everything at work

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We must not forget that the burners are adjustable! They have not 2 positions - on / off, but many different heating modes. An intelligent woman knows when to add fire, so that the dish is thoroughly fried, and when you turn off the light, make the most quiet and small ...

How to keep up with children

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And if one burner is now on high fire, the fire on the other three can be reduced. And not all dishes require a big fire. Recalling, What do you need to do in time Throughout the day, always remember the hot plates! And you will live a full life without losing anything ".

How to manage to work, Give time to her husband, children, her beloved? You just need to want to manage everything, and it will come out in the most organic way! Will help a simple, truly feminine principle of four burners. Because cooking - it's in our blood! We can live our life as if we are preparing a specialty dish.

I do not have time to do anything

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If this advice seemed appropriate, share itIm with friends! I was delighted with him, I confess. There is much more time, and nothing remains missed! It seems, this is a small step to a happy life ...