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Silver bridges

Methodologies Alternative Medicine Extremely popular in our time. Their use often leads to positive results. There is one effective method of getting rid of various diseases. It is important that his action is aimed not only at getting rid of pain, but also for treating the illness itself. This method has been known for a long time and tested by many generations. Silver bridges are a unique medical technique invented by the healer Irina Vasilieva.

Joint treatment with aluminum foil

To create them you need Strips of foil, They become a source of valuable metals,Which is not enough in the body for good health. Some researchers compare the effect of this method with the use of a copper bracelet. About why and how to use silver bridges, you will tell the editors "so simple!".

Silver bridges

To make a silver bridge, take a pieceWide sticking plaster and sticking on it a strip of foil 1 cm wide, through 1.5 cm vertically, leaving 1 cm of free space at the top and bottom, as well as 1.5 cm left and right. Apply a plaster to any sore spot - and the pain will disappear. It's some kind of miracle!

Magic treatment with aluminum foil

Silver bridges are superimposed on the skin alongMeridians. For example, with osteochondrosis they go along the spine, so does the rescue plaster. On the limbs silver bridges are superimposed parallel to the long tubular bones. To enhance the action to the right and left of the main bridge, you can stick two more.

Foil treatment

My grandfather always used this method whenheartache. Just fixed the foil on this area, and the pain passed. If the other area was concerned, then the bridge was fastened to that place. Also silver bridges can be used for bronchitis, liver diseases, myositis and other diseases of internal organs.

Foil treatment

Widely used are silver bridges for acceleration Healing of scars. For resorption of horizontal and oblique scarsOverlapping small bridges. If the scar is long, it will take several pieces that are superimposed with an interval of 2-4 cm. Silver bridges are changed every three days.

Also strips of foil are excellentAlternative to Botox injections. Before going to bed, we put silver bridges on the forehead or crow's feet near the eyes. After 2 weeks of application, deep wrinkles are noticeably smoothed out.

Foil treatment

Of course, if you have any problems withHealth, you need to see a doctor. Start treatment only if you know exactly your diagnosis so as not to harm yourself with self-medication.

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