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Light dress with own hands

Warm days are getting closer and it's time to think about updating your Season wardrobe. I suggest you create yourself a fairly simple, but very effective dress, which can be the highlight of any wardrobe. Especially since now such a thing at the peak of popularity!

Light summer dress

Light dress with your own hands.

This dress you can wear both in summer and warmSpring, and early autumn. Thanks to its shape it is universal, it can be worn for a romantic date, for a walk with friends and even for a solemn event. Well, and if you make it in white, then in contrast to the tanned skin on the sea it will look just amazing!

With a pattern from "so simple!" You can sew this wonderful dress in just one evening, and those who are familiar with the process of sewing, not by hearsay, can manage for two hours.

  1. Base pattern is the base of the dress. Cloth pick up a flying, not stiffening movement.
    Dress pattern
  2. Do an extension of the model from the breast level toBottom, and due to this you will have beautiful dynamic folds. Draw a line 1-1.5 cm below the recesses along the side seam, then divide the lower part of the dress shelf into parts. The number of parts and their size is set arbitrarily - it all depends on the size: the longer the waist, the more parts.
    Simple pattern
  3. Cut the underside of the dressAnd explore the bottom of the magnitude. The more to breed, the more free the dress will be, with more folds. Shorten the breast incisors by 1-1.5 cm.
    Simple circuit
  4. The line of the bottom of the dress has a fairly steep inclination! In our example, we postpone the groove on the side seam 75 cm, then draw a smooth line of the bottom.
    Simple scheme for beginners
  5. This figure shows the final part of the shelf.
    Pattern for beginners
  6. Draw a line 4 cm below the armhole, parallel to the waist. Also, the lower back of the dress was stripped into sections of 17 cm, 10 cm, and 11 cm.
     side part
  7. Shorten the shoulder up to 8 cm. Make a wiring at the bottom of the dress by 10 cm and 12 cm. In the upper part, the cut lines can be diverted by 1.5-2 cm.
    rear part
  8. Now you need to draw a line of the bottom of the dress. On the side seam we postpone 75 cm (as well as on the side seam of the shelf). On the middle seam of the back we set the length of 130 cm and draw the line of the lower cut of the dress!
    Dress pattern
  9. The final back piece. Place the zipper in the middle of the backrest.
    Simple pattern for beginners
  10. Result: here is a chic dress.
    Simple pattern for beginners

As you see, create a super fashionable lung summer dress It's not difficult at all, it's enough to have basic sewing skills! Adding to the dress fashion accessories, you can create a refined and elegant image.

Create and you beautiful outfits, shareImpressions of the work in the comments. Show the article to your friends, maybe some of them have been looking for a pattern of this wonderful dress for a long time. Well, I went to update my wardrobe!