/ How to choose wine

How to choose wine

This famous expert on wines is the author of the book "Drink as a Billionaire." Because the billionaire can choose the most-most drink from the entire range, presented in the wine department or restaurant.

Mark Oldman is exactly in the know, How to choose a good wine. This gentleman made a lot of noise in the pressWith their strong statements that the price of alcoholic drinks rarely meets their quality. Not necessarily the cost should be proportional to taste!

How to choose wine in the store

How to choose wine

So, being in the wine department, the first thingGlance at the most expensive wines. Now turn away! We are interested in cheap, cheap wines. Do you think the sommelier is a little out of himself after long and active tastings? By no means! He just knows the secret, which is known only to the owners of wineries ...

Usually we hesitate to buy Cheap wine, So as not to appear too "cheap"Unenlightened and stingy. We sigh and take the bottle more expensively, so that the partner or friends appreciate our taste and well-being. Wine producers and advertisers are well aware of this our weakness, and that's what tricks they are going to ...

How to choose wine in a restaurant

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"Knowing that the second and third positions from the end will be sold the fastest, sellers can specially place there defective bottles of wine, sometimes even labeling this wine more noticeably."

It is better to choose an inexpensive wine with a hard-to-pronounce name. Such wines are cheaper, because they are not so popular. But among them you can find real treasures!

How to choose white wine

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"If you are in a restaurant, do not hesitate to orderThe cheapest wine that other visitors usually neglect, afraid to appear economical or mean. The longer it is not bought by others, the more it lies and becomes more valuable. "

Remember: any Wine will taste better when refrigerated. If you're going on a picnic, cool it wellBottle and wrap it in foil, then the wine will retain coolness and taste. Here it is, luxury: to allow yourself to feel the real taste of the drink, do not be too lazy to do something for your own true pleasure ... like a real billionaire.

How to choose red wine

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How best to buy wine in a restaurant, a glass or a whole bottle at once? Mark Oldman offers a simple trick: divide the cost of one bottle of wine by 5. you will know exactly how much Overpay for one glass!!

If you doubt, Which wine to choose, Look for advice on the Internet. There are many sites on which people leave their feedback about this or that brand of wine. Fascinating to the point of madness!

When the treasured bottle is already in hand, and the corkscrew somewhere has disappeared, do not despair! "so simple!" Knows how to open wine without a spin, we often use this trick. I hope the information will come in handy! Please her with your friends.