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Old style sewing machine

My friend's grandmother was very poor, butLeft her a legacy of this thing. For about twenty years the thing was kept in the attic, no one suspected its value. And it was thanks to the usual old sewing machine that her friend fulfilled her dream and went to Paris!

Old sewing machine

The modern generation can hardly guess what is inside this vintage wooden chest. But older people, he says a lot.

Case from a sewing machine

Yes, it was in such cases that they were once sold and stored Sewing machines, Manufactured by the Podolsky mechanical plant. I think, about thirty years ago these were almost in every family.

Old sewing machine

I also had such a machine in my house, I remember howFor a long time I could admire the ornate patterns, with which the metal case was elegantly painted. Say that on each model these images are completely different.

Sewing machine zinger

Now the sewing machines look quite different and more like a piece of plastic than a work of art, but a pity.

Old sewing machine Podolsk

my history Podolsk sewing machines Have been conducted since pre-revolutionary times, and theirPrototypes were the products of the famous factory "zinger". The Art Nouveau style, inherent in that time, influenced even the simplest things, and the manufacturers tried to decorate objects in the most unusual way.

Old sewing machine

Isaac Zinger, the first producer of this kindProducts, took up the improvement of sewing machines because of the debt hanging over it, and in just 11 days the first "zinger" appeared. In the distant 1851th the products of this American company were already known all over the world. And soon the company of the singer turned into one of the largest manufacturers of sewing machines.

sewing machine

By the beginning of the xx century the situation had changed. To supply sewing machines from America in Russia became economically unprofitable, because there appeared a lot of competitors offering similar products at a lower price. Then the management of the company "zinger" decided to set up the production of sewing machines in the suburbs.

Zinger machine

For this was bought land in a little-knownThen the city of Podolsk, and for a relatively small amount of money built a factory, and the presence of a nearby railway contributed to the unprecedented success of the business. Because it at times facilitated the delivery of goods to different corners of the country!

Patterns on the sewing machine

The new plant was rapidly gaining momentum. For a relatively short period of time "zinger" from the city of Podolsk has become one of the largest in Europe. Before the First World War, the factory produced 600,000 sewing machines per year! Only on the territory of Russia there were more than 3,000 company branded shops, besides machines were sent to customers by mail.

Sewing machine

Machines Podolsk "Singer" received a widePopularity abroad, as evidenced by the large supply of our sewing units to China, Japan and Persia. In 1914, Russia occupied the second place in the world in the sales of sewing machines after the USA, selling them annually to the amount of 63.5 million rubles!

Sewing machine produced Podolsk

Office "Singer" made a significant artistic contribution to theArchitecture of the city of St. Petersburg, decorating the Nevsky Prospekt. In addition to having a beautiful facade, the building was considered technically perfect: it already had elevators and an automatic system for cleaning roofs from snow.

Company office

And so we can see this building now. By the way, it is here that the office of the VKontakte company is located right now!

Company building zinger

In 1918 the Podillia Zinger factory wasWas nationalized by the Bolsheviks and until 1923 it was practically inactive, but already in 1923 the production of sewing machines "Singer" was restored with one reservation: they were now produced under the name "PMZ" (Podolsk Mechanical Plant).

Podolsky Mechanical Plant

The design of the sewing machine "zinger" wasSo successful that the production of such machines continued for thirty years virtually unchanged! And fashionable patterns of the beginning of the xx century became a special feature of the Podolsk products.

Case and machine

No wonder that around such a useful, necessary andA lot of legends have come about. According to one of them, in 1998 the company "zinger" announced the search for machines with a serial number, starting with one.

According to rumors, the lucky owner of such a rarityExpects a remuneration in the amount of 30 thousand to a million dollars, so the antique dealers began to massively buy cars. Official confirmation of this is not, but, as they say, smoke without fire does not happen ...

Sewing machine marking

It is this legend that so attracts hunters of valuable metals. Allegedly early samples of Russian "zinger" contain Valuable metal palladium. Recently even a rumor appeared that in the original needles of rare cars there is a rare substance - red mercury!

sewing machine

Before getting rid of the old thing or"Write off" it in the attic, it is worth pondering. Perhaps it can still bring happiness to your home. As you can see, old sewing machines are much more than a simple tool.

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