/ How to fix cracks in the wall

How to repair cracks in the wall

Cracks can spoil even the most luxuriousrepairs. This defect is immediately evident. Your guests will not remember the magnificent color scheme and elegant lamps. A crack over the sofa - everything that will remain in their memory.

It is not necessary to call an expensive master to cover it up. You can do it yourself. Read our step-by-step instruction and immediately get down to business!

How to seal a crack in the wall

Repair tips

  1. step 1
    before, How to seal a crack in the wall, Expand its edges with a spatula or chisel. With a brush or a rag, brush the dust, paint and putty.
    Gloss over a crack in the wall
  2. Step 2
    We paste glass wool or sirloin tape on top of the seam. This increases the strength and reliability of the joint.
    Crack a wall
  3. Step 3
    Now you can proceed to cover the gap. Use the usual filler for drywall. Close the crack level the surface of the sheet.
    Crevice in the wall
  4. Step 4
    Before coating the cracks in the plasterboard with the finishing filler, we wait until the first layer has completely solidified.
    Repair of a cracked wall
  5. Step 5
    After drying, we take an emery paper or a diamond grid and we erase seams. The surface must be perfectly smooth.
    Gloss over a crack in the wall
  6. Step 6
    You can break into painting.
    Cover the cracks in the wall

Now you are convinced that repair of cracks in the wall of gypsum board - it's easy.

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