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Makeup for eye enlargement

Probably, was not born yet that woman whoWould be completely and completely satisfied with her appearance. Well, to hide the far-fetched or not very flawed, it is not necessary to resort to extreme measures. after all Competent make-up Can create a real miracle and fundamentally change facial features: visually reduce the nose, increase the lips, emphasize the contours of the face, make the eyebrows more elegant, and the eyes are more expressive.

Today edition "so simple!" Will reveal several make-up techniques that will help to visually enlarge the eyes and make the look more "open".

Eye makeup

Eye makeup

  1. Double shading
    Famous and beloved make-up artist Hollywood starsJayk baili recommends using at least 2 shades of shadows - light and dark. Light shades must be imposed on the entire mobile eyelid, the inner corners of the eyes and under the eyebrow. Dark - at the outer corners and the lower eyelid. Such a simple trick will help to significantly increase the eyes.
    Make-up for eye enlargement in stages
  2. Use the shadows competently
    Knowledge of the simple trick of using shadows will help to effectively correct the shape of the eyes, emphasize the dignity and make the eyes visually greater.
    Make-up for eye enlargement step by step
  3. Eyebrows - our "all"!
    It's not a secret to anyone that competentlyCorrected eyebrows can radically change the face. So, the higher they will be located, the wider and open will be the look. And indeed, the ideal crooks - the main beauty rule of every woman!
    Quick make-up for eye enlargement
  4. Do not be afraid of color
    Modern trends in the fashion world encourage experiments. So the skillful use of color in the makeup of the eyes in two counts will emphasize all the virtues and reveal the natural beauty.
    How to do makeup to increase eyes
  5. natural beauty
    Beige and brown shades of shade will help to emphasize the virtues that nature has awarded you, and the look will become more expressive.
    Natural makeup for eye enlargement
  6. Eye contouring
    It's no secret that many HollywoodBeauties are fond of the art of contouring. still would! Because with the help of simple tricks you can fix, it would seem, any flaw. With the help of these tricks, you can easily emphasize all the dignity of your eyes, make them bigger, more expressive, brighter.
    Eye contouring
  7. Do not forget about the arrows
    You can draw arrows with a pencil orConnector. The main thing is to know a few nuances! First, the line should be as thin as possible at the inner part of the eye and thicken to the outer part. If you draw a thick line near the bridge of your nose, your eyes will become even smaller.

    Secondly, do not pull the arrow too far. It is better to make it short and pointing upwards. Thirdly, the lower eyelid should be brought only at the outer corners.

    Makeup to increase the eyes arrows

  8. The corners
    Another effective method to visually increaseEyes - to brighten the corners of the bridge of the nose. Highlighting can be done with shadows, a light pencil or with pearlescent shades. Look bright, fresh, stunning!
    Makeup eyes big eyes
  9. A bit of brilliance
    Shadows with a slight sheen will easily accentuate the shape of the eye and make the makeup unusually gentle!
    Eye makeup for beginners
  10. Makeup in the style of smoky eyes
    Such make-up will be an excellent addition to the imageFor an evening party or party. The main advantage is the ability to use absolutely any colors, the main thing - a competent combination of them. Such make-up will make the eyes well very expressive, and the look is impossible to attract.
    How to make eye makeup smock ice

It turns out, to make the eyes visually no longerSo it's hard. You just need to consider these simple tricks and your look will be stunning! Share this article with your friends, because such tricks are useful to many.