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Why do my heels hurt?

My legs ached constantly in the mornings, and I'm soWas surprised. One thing if the pain appears due to fatigue at the end of the day. But if the foot achingly aching after a night's sleep, especially in the area of ​​the heel, this is truly strange!

Once I accidentally told myFriend to the doctor. The pain did not bother me too much, I just wanted to know why this is happening ... the advice that this wise woman gave me quickly resolved the problem!

Why do my heels hurt?

Why do my heels hurt?

The pain in this area of ​​the foot can be caused by damage and overexertion of the tendons. Long walking, flat feet, overweight, various infections: the cause of discomfort may be mass.

if you It is painful to tread on the heel When walking, be sure to try to massageEvery leg for 30 seconds in the mornings. This simple action will improve blood flow and increase the elasticity of tissues. Legs will not hurt during the day and will not be so tired!

Making the morning foot massage a regular procedure,You will improve your health in general! All due to the fact that the feet are a lot of nerve endings and active points. Influencing them, you influence the work of all internal organs.

We have known for a long time about the benefits of foot massage before going to bed, and this seems like a natural remedy. If you have Aching heel when walking, Try the morning massage and rejoice in the miraculous effect of the procedure! In a couple of days you will notice an improvement, the main thing is to start.