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Embroidered towel

Soon the entire Orthodox world will celebrateLight Easter holiday. It has its own traditions, which were established gradually over many centuries. On this day the believing Slavs will go to the church - to sanctify Easter baskets. An important attribute is a candle and a basket with a towel. On the consecrated Easter towel it is accepted to serve cakes.

Easter basket

Embroidered towel

Earlier, when embroidering an Easter towel, only two colors were used - red and black. On the semantic load, together these two colors seem to draw a picture of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.

Now, to make the embroidered towel brighter, toHe is added yellow and gold - the colors of heavenly fire, as well as blue - a symbol of purification and peace of mind. In small quantities, let's say green - the life-affirming color of spring and youth. on Easter towel Depict: Easter cakes, Easter eggs, chickens, rabbits, elements of spring flowers.

Easter Towel

Redaction "so simple!" Prepared for you a selection of beautiful Easter towels.

  1. Easter Towel
  2. Towel element
  3. Little cipliata
  4. Easter bunnies
  5. Flowers and eggs
  6. Embroidered towel
  7. Easter towel

Be inspired by these beautiful ideas. Because embroidery is so exciting and beautiful!

But the helpful recommendations for choosing a ritual towel. I can not embroider, I will definitely come in handy ... although after watching such works I really want to sit down with a needle and thread!

How to choose an easter towel

  1. Choose a towel made only of natural fabrics. It can be a homespun cloth, linen or cotton.
  2. Pay attention to the type of embroidery. Embroidery only cross-stitch, even if it is machine-made.
  3. The product should bear a festive meaning in its subject matter: inscriptions "Christos is risen" or embroidered letters "xv", motifs of Easter eggs, Easter cakes and candles.
  4. The figure should be located in the center and occupy no more than a quarter of the canvas.
  5. Traditional colors of embroidery - red and black, it is possible to add green and gold.

Schemes for embroidering an Easter towel

  1. Krasanki scheme
  2. Christ is risen
  3. Easter Towel
  4. Easter eggs
  5. Holy cross
  6. Easter basket
  7. Holiday cake

Tips for making an Easter towel with your own hands

  1. Start work well on Thursday. The day before it is desirable to fast.
  2. Choose only natural fabrics, the edges can be decorated with tassels or fringe.
  3. For embroidery, take woolen or silk threads, if they are not, then cotton and linen are also quite acceptable.
  4. For the whole product, use only one needle.
  5. Embroider neatly both from the front side and from the underside.
  6. Well and most importantly - create a towel only in a good mood, filling with positive energy your product.

Dimensions Easter towel You can choose yourself. The main thing is that all values ​​are divided by 7 - the perfect number, according to the scriptures. The optimum width of the product is 30 cm, and the length is from 70 cm.

If you are a skilled needlewoman or just want to be ready for Easter - towels embroidered with their own hands will bring home an atmosphere of celebration, warmth, comfort and joy.

Show your friends an article, perhaps they too will want to prepare for this bright holiday more thoroughly!