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New manicure

In this case, beauty really saves, no doubt! "Secret colors" - so called a series of varnishes, especiallyDeveloped by four students from North Carolina. The special composition of the tool-means will help any girl and woman to avoid rape and robbery! Here's how ...

Unusual manicure

New manicure

The rapists and other scoundrels often useNarcotic substances without taste and smell to lull or immobilize the victim. It is impossible to identify dangerous substances just like that! How many sad cases are known ... the growing statistics of crimes made the guys take up this matter. They came up with a varnish that changes color, it costs him to be in a dangerous environment!

Unusual manicure at home

just think about it: I'll varnish my nails and I'll be sure that I will not drink a cocktail with a generous dose of clonidine! Because it's enough just to dip a nail, painted with this varnish, into a dangerous drink, and it will change color ... if the drink has not passed the safety check, you can go out and call the police. The future has already come!

Varnish changes color

miracle! Such a varnish will be especially useful for young girls. Parents who worry about the safety of their young daughter can buy and give it.

Special lacquer photo

Here is a short informational video about the new invention! Young scientists who have taken care of women around the world are admiring.

Why do women paint their nails? Tradition came to us from ancient China and conquered women's hearts, avid for beauty. But, it turns out, nail polish can also have practical application!

Unusual manicure photo

Varnishes undercover colors will soon appear on sale! This is the first small step to victory over the horrors of the modern world. Be sure to tell your friends glad tidings!