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Overdue medications

How often do you check Contents of your home medicine chest? Looking into the medicine box, manyFind out there drugs with expired shelf life. But do not spasmodic throw out all the medications, because some drugs do not lose their therapeutic effect even after the expiration date.

What to do with overdue drugs

Shelf life is the time period whenThe drug gives maximum effectiveness and is safe. The end of the expiration date does not make the medicine instantly harmful: often this indicates a less effective action of the drug (in case the expiration date has recently expired).

Overdue drugs

  1. aspirin
    This drug can be used after the expiration date, but its effect will be less effective.
    What to do with overdue drugs
  2. Dextromethorphan
    This antitussive is better immediately discarded after the expiration date.
    What to do with overdue drugs
  3. Ibuprofen
    A medicine that has an anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effect. It can be used at the end of the shelf life, but depending on the manufacturer and the composition of the drug.
    What to do with overdue drugs
  4. paracetamol
    The shelf life of this drug is extremely large, up to several years. If after a drunk pill you do not feel the effect, do not use the medicine again.
    What to do with overdue drugs
  5. Loratadine
    Many studies have confirmed the fact that this drug has a rather long shelf life (from 2 to 3 years).
    What to do with overdue drugs
  6. eye drops
    Eyes - an extremely vulnerable organ of a person,So you should be very careful about the selection of medicines for the eyes. Do not use medical drops after the expiration date!
    What to do with overdue drugs

Very few people know that from Overdue drugs You can not get rid by throwing it in the trash. Use this simple instruction to dispose of harmful drugs.

  1. Release the medicine from the package: remove the tablets from the blisters, pour the powder out of the sachets, pour the liquid from the bottles and ampoules.
  2. Crush the drug in a convenient way.
  3. Mix everything with inedible waste: a coffee grounds or filler for cat litter will do.
  4. Put the mixture in a closed jar or dark package, then throw it into the trash can.

This procedure must be done with oneSimple goal: not to harm the environment. The fact is that discarded medicines can be found by birds, stray animals or curious children. It is worth spending a little time and dispose of the medicine correctly!