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Removal of ingrown nail

Ingrown nail is a problem that canTouch everyone. Aching pain, suppuration, bleeding and discomfort always accompany this ailment. One interesting method will save you from this once and for all!

Believe me, you will not have to ask your doctor for help each time. Treatment of ingrown nail Can take place at home is completely painless and effective. All you need is to follow this instruction.

Removal of ingrown nail

Health tips

  1. Make a bath
    It is most effective to use English salt. It has healing properties that help in the treatment of various diseases, including ingrown nails. Crystals of salt dissolved in hot water.
    ingrown nail
  2. Stripping off one's legs
    Keep your feet in a hot saline solution for 30 minutes. For this time the coarsened skin will become softer.
    Removed ingrown toenail
  3. Prepare tools
    You will be useful: tweezers, cotton swabs, scissors, softening cream.
    Remove ingrown nail
  4. Remove ingrown nail
    Be careful, because it can be a little painful. Then carefully work the rest of the nails to avoid ingrowth.
    Treatment of ingrown nail
  5. Cleanse
    Before applying cream to the place Removed ingrown nail, Cleanse it.
    How to remove an ingrown nail
  6. Apply antibacterial agent
    To prevent infection, you need to disinfect the nail. For this use a healing ointment or cream.
    How to remove an ingrown nail
  7. Bandage the nail
    At the end of the procedure, tightly bandage your finger to avoid contamination of the wound.
    Ingrown nail photo

That's how you can remove the ingrown nail. So that the ingrowth no longer disturbs you, do prophylaxis, and carefully nurse your nails.

This method is tried by many, so be sure to tell your friends about it.