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Secret Cipher

My child, as it happens to someTeenagers, fell into a bad company. I was extremely concerned, because he was under bad influence. I was afraid that my peers would put pressure on him, push him to various bad things, give him cigarettes, alcohol, drugs.

Once he came home and smelled of tobaccoSmoke. He admitted that he did not want to smoke, but was afraid that he would be laughed at. I asked him how often he finds himself in uncomfortable situations, of which he can not find a way out. Vanya said that he periodically gives in to the influence of the environment.

Upbringing of teenagers

Secret code

parenting Requires patience and a special approach. After this incident, I came up with a "plan x", which helps control my son and help him out at the right time. Our family now has a special code.

Whenever my offspring is inA situation in which he feels bad, he writes the letter "x" in the text of the message. This is an easy and effective way that our family uses. The one who receives the text (mum or dad) immediately calls back to his son, forging the family situation. The conversation usually sounds like this:

- Hello, yes!
- Vanya, at home something happened. I need to pick you up.
- what?
- I'll tell you personally. Get ready, I'm already leaving.

Child safety

It helps Van to calmly explain with friendsAnd avoid unsafe situations. We also came up with a code word in case the stranger comes to the child and says that he is from mum or dad.

If this person called a special word,Which we pre-invented together with the child, then he really is who he claims to be. If not, the child understands that he needs to be careful and not to contact this person. With this method Child safety under control!

Safety of a teenager

As a dad, I never stop worrying about my baby. From the day of his birth, I watch that no hair falls from his head. This plan helps protect my son from trouble.

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