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Essential oils for hair growth

Hair loss is an equally painful issue for both men and women. Fragile, weak hair will not add beauty to anyone, a thinning hairline hints at the approaching old age ...

There are many special masks and shampoosAgainst hair loss, but I do not know of better means than natural ones! To strengthen hair bulbs will help unexpectedly available ingredients. Adding them to the shampoo 1 time, you will take care of the beauty and density of your head of hair, permanently solving all the problems.

Essential oils for hair growth in shampoo

Essential oils for hair growth

You will need

  • 10 drops of essential oil of rosemary
  • 10 drops of lemon essential oil
  • Normal shampoo

To prepare an effective remedy, you just need to pour essential oils into an ordinary bottle of shampoo. How do I like the simplicity of this recipe ...

Rosemary oil for hair Used by doctors trihologami for a long time: stimulating blood circulation in the skin and nourishing the hair bulbs, this means strengthens them and enhances the growth of hair.

You can also add vitamin E in capsules to the shampoo. Cut the capsule shell and pour the contents directly into the shampoo. Now every wash is ready to turn into a medical procedure!

After 2 months your hair will become more dense! The secret is simple, and the result is unthinkably beautiful. Be sure to share this useful beauty recipe with your friends!