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Color of cats

Cats are among the most Mystical animals Our planet. They have an extremely strong aura that can repel all negative energy vibrations.

If you suspect a person in unclean thoughtsIn relation to you, you should communicate with him in the presence of your pet. It is best to hold a cat in your arms during a conversation. So you will protect yourself not only from negative impact, but from evil eye and even spoilage!

Those who do not yet have a cat in the house, it is necessary to acquire a loving hairy lump. And our editorial team will gladly help you with a choice!

Magic properties of a cat


  1. black cat
    In different countries there are many badSuperstitions about cats of black color. In fact, this is far from the case. Black cats and cats attract money to the house. They positively affect the financial success of all tenants at home.

    There is even a corresponding sign: before a major transaction or the signing of important documents the animal is given the opportunity to walk around with paws on papers. This peculiar ritual promises success in business.

    Magic properties of a cat

  2. ginger cat
    Cats red color is recommended to startPeople who are in search of their second half. That energy acts for the benefit of the owners, it is not recommended to keep animals of a different color in the house.
    Magic properties of a cat
  3. Gray cat
    A pet with such color will become a realAn outlet for those people who face daily a lot of difficulties, dangers and ill-wishers. A gray cat or cat will take away all the negative from the hosts. Few people know that gray cats are an excellent guard against evil eye and spoilage.
    Magic properties of a cat
  4. White cat
    It is believed that White cats Have healing properties. Also these animals contribute to a favorable energy in the home. Cats of white color subtly feel all who enter the house, and in case of an energy hazard neutralize the negative fluids of the unkind visitor.

    White cats with eyes of different colors are considered special talismans. The energy of these animals is incredibly strong: they, like a magnet, attract luck and happy circumstances into the house.

    Magic properties of a cat

  5. Tricolor cat
    It is believed that cats with this color - a universal talisman. They can be planted all without exception. A pet will bring prosperity, luck, love and health.
    Magic properties of a cat

And you already got a pet? If not, be sure to think about it!