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Complex exercises for the spine

Because of sedentary lifestyles for most of theUs, especially those who constantly work at the computer, - the pain in the back has become familiar. And this applies to people of all ages! We sit a lot, move a little, unconsciously bend our spine, plugging into smartphones and tablets.

The modern rhythm of life leaves us unable to devote much time to our health. At first we try not to pay attention to the first Signs of problems. Nevertheless, when the pains become strong, the simple means of the matter will not help. It is always better to avoid health problems by warning them!

Set of exercises for the spine

in this article "so simple!" Prepared for you 6 simple but very effective Exercises for the spine And backs that do not require much time and special physical preparation, but they give very good results!

  1. starfish
    Tired after work? You can not just relax, but also help your back! For this you just need to lie down on the floor, stretch your arms and legs to the sides and lie a little in this position.

    Then it will be very nice to perform twisting: The arms and shoulders are turned in one direction, the hips turn into the other. Then we return to the starting position and do the same in the other direction. All we do is very slow and relaxed!

    Exercise Star

  2. Recumbent stone
    And again an exercise for the lazy! To perform it you will need a chair.

    Lie down on the floor, preferably on a warm carpet, and throw your feet on a chair. The exercise helps to restore the correct blood flow throughout the body, and the back while doing so can rest after daily exercise.

    Exercise Stone

  3. Flexible snake
    The youth of a man is determined by the mobility of hisThe spine. This exercise was based on the behavior of a snake, an animal, which is distinguished by its flexibility. In ancient times, the sages observed nature, and then applied certain positions borrowed from animals in physical exercises. "Flexible snake" - asana yoga, but do not worry, this exercise is available to everyone.

    Just lie on your stomach, rest your fingers on the floor and lift the body in your arms as high as you can. The main thing is to feel the tension of the muscles, but do not overdo it.

    Snake exercise

  4. embryo
    Feel yourself again at the mother in the tummy - lie down in the embryo position. For this, lie on your back, bend your legs and pull them to your stomach, wrapping them around your arms.

    Being in this position from 30 seconds to a minute. You can do this exercise even when you are watching your favorite TV series! Just lie on the floor.

    Asana embryo

  5. To get into a corner
    The main goal of this exercise is to relax all muscles. In order to make such a "slide" you need a fitball, if you do not have it, the back of the sofa or chair will come to the rescue.

    Dog exercise muzzle down

  6. Legs have become stuck
    This exercise is slightly more complicated than the previous ones, but it will not require you to be physically strong and available to everyone.

    Lie on your back, one leg bend and lay under herKnee second. Taking hold of the bottom, slowly pull her to him, lifting that leg that is above. Stay a little in this position, literally half a minute. Do eight approaches for each leg.

    Foot curling exercise

Be sure to perform these 6 simple exercises, and you will forget about problems with the spine and back, like a terrible dream. Most importantly - do not be lazy!

Let this article help you Become healthier, Stronger than body and spirit. If you liked the material, tell others about it!