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Dangerous clothing

Our mothers from childhood inspire us that beautyRequires sacrifice. And we, according to this program, hammered since our youth, put on unstable high-heeled shoes, in which you can walk only very slowly and slightly swaying. Is it not time to reflect on the fact that some things that seem to us unchanged are a serious threat to our health?

Dangerous clothes

"so simple!" Sodobral for you top 8 Of harmful wardrobe items.

  1. high heels
    Shoes with high heels can cause problems with the legs and spine and lead to such sad consequences as the intervertebral hernia, joint problems and calluses on the legs.

    Of course, high-heeled shoesIt is possible, but not at the expense of health. And, if you feel uncomfortable, maybe it's time to think about shoes at a lower speed? High heels leave for special occasions!

    High-heeled shoes

  2. flat sole
    Earlier I thought that only shoes onHeel, but a completely flat sole can bring no less problems. Pain in the joints - this is the result, which can lead to a love for fashionable shoes in the masculine style. Therefore, if you are a fan of this kind of shoes, try to alternate it with shoes on a small or medium heel (to whom as it is more convenient).
    Flat shoes
  3. heavy bag
    My favorite point. Or rather, unloved, because I believe that a woman should not wear heavy things. Nevertheless, we often have to do it.

    Large heavy bag, especially if it is hung upOn the shoulder, spoils the posture, increases fatigue and, in general, rarely adds to the appeal of the image. Therefore, if you really can not give up wearing heavy things, you can not, try to replace the bag with a stylish and fashionable backpack in this season.

    heavy bag

  4. Jeans-skinny
    And it is generally very harmful. No matter how much you loved the fashion model now skinny, they are the same pants "in oblique", get ready for the fact that you may have bloating, redness of the skin and Latent varicose veins of the pelvic organs!!

    In adolescence wearing tooTight trousers, especially with a low fit, can lead to the formation of a narrow pelvis and infertility. If you have to sit for a long time at work, jeans-pipes made of dense tissue can also disrupt blood circulation.


  5. String
    Sexy thong is the scourge of our time. Such panties are unlikely to save the delicate skin from cold and friction in the cold season. Also scientists have proved that constant friction in the inguinal region can cause irritation, the spread of bacteria and the development of various female diseases.

    Harm is caused by panties made of synthetic materials. They increase heat in the perineal zone, creating diaper rash and thus provoking the development of fungal infections.

    Thong panties

  6. Pulling underwear
    Lovers of pulling clothes, too, should be careful. such Items of women's wardrobe Can cause impaired digestion and circulation in the pelvic area. You do not want unnecessary problems, do you?
    Pulling underwear
  7. Very tight pantyhose
    It happens, you will buy new tights and, feeling discomfort in the abdomen during the working day, you think: when will I already take them off ?!

    If you feel that tights are tight, you need to change them. Why should you squeeze internal organs?

    Very tight pantyhose

  8. Low-quality bijouterie
    My friend told a story. She bought in the transition new earrings. They were very beautiful, stylish and at the same time quite inexpensive, and they also included a necklace in the set.

    The decorations were very suitable for her new costume. On pleasures the girlfriend has collected all details of an image and has gone on a party. What a disappointment she was waiting for, when by evening a fine red rash covered her entire neck!

    The next day the doctor determined that the cause of severe allergies was Low-quality bijouterie. And so that you do not have this, there is only one way out: to choose the tested brands. Because a small contact allergy can develop into eczema.

    Low-quality bijouterie

Of course, no warnings will forceWomen of fashion to abandon these wardrobe items, but I strongly advise you not to wear these things at least daily. Try several times a week to wear dresses and skirts instead of tight jeans, try not to heavily load your handbag, and replace the heels with the fashionable in this season sports shoes!

I hope these tips will be useful for you, do not forget to share them with your friends!