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Laptop Cord

For sure you often paid attention to the inconspicuous Plastic cylinder On the cord of your laptop. And if not, then look at it! The purpose of this small keg near the connector itself is a real mystery to many.

Redaction "so simple!" Proposes to understand what is the use of such a tiny detail.

Ferrite filter for cable

Cord for laptop

This plastic thing is nothing more than a ferrite ring. Sounds scary? It turns out that this ring performs just an indispensable function! this High-pass filter, Which neutralizes interference from the power cord.

Inside the filter is absolutely unremarkable: The cord passes through a cylinder of solid material, and sometimes it covers the cylinder with a loop. No you frightening microcircuits or other electronic devices.

Ferrite filter

Unshielded cable is a strong source of interference,Which distort information signals within a complex computer system. Earlier, copper braid was used to shield the cable. But with the advent of ferrite rings, the need for it has disappeared. Because ferrites are much More economical and more convenient!!

By the way, the absence of a ferrite ring on the cable may indicate that the wire is not of the best quality. Or the cable is simply screened in the old-fashioned way.

Ferrite filter for what

As you can see, the function of this small detail is veryEven essential. Now you know about the device of your computer much more and with ease you will surprise your friends with such deep knowledge in the field of electronics!

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