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Extract of Eleutherococcus

Eleutherococcus is a terribly thorny shrub, rather plain in appearance. But here is a medicinal tincture made from its roots - an excellent thing! Very often a liquid tincture is prescribed At low blood pressure: It quickly tones, expels lethargy. Also tincture is widely used to support the body during physical and mental loads.

We will tell, How to take eleuterococcus As a stimulant under the optimal scheme. Also you will learn how cheap and affordable drug can replace dozens of expensive drugs!

This information pharmacists and doctors hide, only rare, compassionate specialists are able to give such advice. Because they work, which means that people will stop feeding the pharmacy from their wallet ...

Extract of Eleutherococcus liquid

Extract of Eleutherococcus

Schemes of application

  1. With diabetes
    Take 25 to 50 drops of extract 30 minutes before meals 2 times a day. Better - in the morning and before dinner. Course of admission - 30 days. Extract of Eleutherococcus Lowers blood sugar And helps to normalize it.

    Also this scheme works fine for the treatmentNeurosis and overwork, will help get rid of chronic fatigue, dizziness at low pressure. The stimulating effect of the drug is strong! It is impossible to apply eleutherococcus to people suffering from hypertension.

    Eleutherococcal extract mechanism of action

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  2. With baldness and dandruff
    Half an hour before washing your head, rub the healing extract into the scalp and hair roots! The energy of Eleutherococcus will help Awaken dormant hair bulbs, Will make the head of hair thick and strengthen hair growth. Also this tool will help get rid of dandruff! So you can do it before every wash, until the effect appears. He will not keep himself waiting, I promise.

    In especially severe cases, trichologists recommend using the drug inside: 20 drops 3 times a day for half an hour before meals.

    If we compare the cost of eleutherococcus extract withAny shampoo against baldness, it becomes joyful on the soul. Try and compare! The effect is magnificent, this cheap penny really works.

    Eleutherococcus tincture

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  3. For wound healing
    Extract of Eleutherococcus promotes rapid regeneration of the skin. It can be used both for oral and external use!

    To accelerate the healing of wounds or Get rid of skin disease, Take the extract for 20 drops 30 minutes before meals 3 times a day.

    Also it is possible to do lotions from a solution eleutherococcus - 1 tsp. At 0.5 tbsp. water.

    Eleutherococcus tincture

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  4. With oily skin and acne
    Use the solution of Eleutherococcus extract as a tonic! Explode 5 drops of extract in 1 tbsp. L. water. This wonder-tonic Will remove inflammation, Reduce the fat content of the skin and eliminate any disadvantages. The cost of such a tool is negligible, but the effect ... try, and from expensive special means for the skin can be discarded!
    Eleutherococcus tincture for vivacity

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  5. To eliminate wrinkles and care for aging skin
    The number of wrinkles will decrease, the skin will tighten andWill look much younger if you add only 1 drop of Eleutherococcus extract to the nourishing cream before applying! Use a tonic is desirable daily, then the effect will be stunning.

    It is also useful to add the drug to a variety of anti-aging masks.

    Eleutherococcus extract in a pharmacy

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Eleutherococcus liquid - an exceptional tool! I'm glad that in my time I learned about him, because I always suffered from low blood pressure. Also I really liked the effect of the extract on the skin ... try it, it's a miracle!