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Strong alcoholic beverages

It is difficult to imagine a lavish feast without at leastA small decanter of intoxicating potions - this is already some attribute of a great holiday or a meeting of old friends. You can be an avid teetotaler, but for the guests on the table you will put a bottle. If you want to feel like a cucumber in the morning, What alcohol to drink, So that harm to the body was minimal.

Alcohol rating for harmfulness

You probably know that it is useful to drink red wine, and champagne is dope after the second glass. But with strong drinks the situation is more complicated. So the editors "so simple!" Prepared for you a rating of alcoholic in the degree of harmfulness, compiled on the basis of research by the Royal Society of Chemists in the UK.


5th place - rum

A pirate-loved drink can be considered almost useful. In it high content of potassium, phosphorus and zinc. So if you suddenly drink a large amount of this Type of alcohol, The probability of poisoning is very small. Just keep in mind that we are talking about pure rum, and not about his presence in various cocktails.

Alcohol rating for harmfulness

4th place - tequila

"Licked, swallowed, bitten!"- this is the slogan of this drink. Yes, the tequila is very strong, but it is very useful. Agave contains polysaccharides fructans, which can regulate the acidity of the stomach and help with ulcerative colitis. So in small quantities it is even a healing drink. In addition, the use of salt helps to keep water in the body, so in the morning it will not dry much.

Alcohol rating for harmfulness

3 place - vodka

Surprised that white is not in the first place? Although vodka is an alcoholic beverage with a bad name, it is considered one of the least harmful. In vodka there are no dyes, flavors, and it undergoes thorough cleaning. And if vodka is made not on sugar, but on honey, then it can be attributed to diet drinks. But you should not abuse it, because vodka causes poisoning more than others, because it is often falsified. And frequent use of vodka leads to addiction and alcoholism.

Alcohol rating for harmfulness

2 place - whiskey

This alcoholic beverage is a source of ellagicAcid, which fights against cancer. They say, it can kill cancer cells without touching the healthy ones. But in addition to the whiskey high concentration of ethanol, which is very quickly absorbed by the body, and within an hour of consumption the world in your eyes will float a little.

And the next morning you will expect an unpleasant hangover. So think about whether it is worth giving so much money for this drink.

Alcoholic beverages

1 place - cognac

35 milliliters of cognac is a daily doseVitamin with. But over the long years of storage, various harmful substances are formed in the drink, which poison the body. Because of a vigorous cocktail of alcohol fractions cognac in large doses is almost toxic for the nervous system. Although it also dilates the blood vessels. Cognac is only useful in an amount not exceeding 50 ml. And yes, a hangover after it on a ten-point scale, we will estimate by eight.

Alcoholic beverages

Here is an unexpected first place! But remember that any alcohol in large quantities is harmful and can be addictive. Minimize drinking, exercise and develop a sense of humor, so that even without fuel you can have fun. Share useful information with your friends in social networks!