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Hammock with own hands

At the dacha you need not only to dig in the beds, but alsoRest body and soul from the city bustle. You should try to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air, because it is so useful for the skin, clarity of mind and health in general. And here comes a completely logical question: where to do it. On the coverlet or cot is not very convenient, and insects run after you.

How to make a hammock

Hammock - the best thing you can think of for a holiday home. Fixed between the trees - and you can even sleep there, even though on a swing ride. And for kids it is generally unthinkable. Redaction "so simple!" Tell you, How to make a hammock From pallets and rope. Very affordable and easy way.

How to make a hammock

You will need

  • pallet
  • Strong rope
  • drill
  • sandpaper
  • Saw on wood
  • marker
  • lighter


  1. Prepare the necessary materials. Clean the pan from dust and dirt.
    How to make a brazilian hammock
  2. Carefully separated the boards from the wooden frame. Of course, you can buy and use regular boards. But the pallets are more accessible, they can even be from your neighbor, and they are very acceptable.
  3. You will get about 20 boards. Determined with the width of the future hammock and adjust all the blanks to the desired size with a saw. If you have a circular saw, it's fine. Remove all the roughness from the boards with the help of sandpaper.
    How to make a hammock with your own hands
  4. Mark the holes on the board for drilling. See that the distance between the points is equal. From the edge should retreat 2-3 centimeters.
    How to make a hammock with your own hands
  5. Now drilled holes on the made marks. Use the first board as a sample for the rest, so as not to err in the measurements.
    How to make a hammock with your own hands
  6. Now is the time for the most exciting stage. Put 2 boards side by side and connect them with a rope as if you are stringing shoes, cross-wise. On the edge make one stitch.
    How to quickly make a hammock
  7. By analogy, add one more board and so on. Firmly tighten all knots. The edges of the rope should be processed with a spark of lighters, so that they do not fray.
    How to quickly make a hammock
  8. Since the hammock must be suspended on a tree, then drill another 4 holes on each last or penultimate board. Stretch the rope and hang it to the tree vertically or at the desired angle.
    How to quickly make a hammock
  9. Here is such a wonderful turned out Hammock!! Very beautiful and comfortable.
    How to quickly make a hammock

    It is possible to make on this technique here such class swings.
    How to quickly make a hammock

And I want to lie on this hammock! It can be supplemented with comfortable pillows or bedspreads. Share a wonderful idea of ​​using pallets with your friends in social networks!