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Weight loss without diets

The problem of overweight is a sore spot for many people. And often you can hear that in the fight against obesity, neither diet nor exercise helps.

Losing weight without harm For the body - it is much more complexProcess than it seems at first glance. Similar people with the same diet and a similar way of life can look quite differently. So what is the secret of a slender body?

Losing weight without dieting

Losing weight without dieting

The latest research by employees of the State University of Georgia has proved that one of the main reasons for excess weight are Artificial emulsifiers In food products!

These substances are necessary in order to connectImmiscible components. In the old days, egg yolk was used for this purpose, but the modern food industry replaces it with synthetic analogs, such as mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, glycerol ethers, lecithins and other ...

In small quantities, these substances are relatively harmless, but recently on the shelves of shops arose a real dominance Products with emulsifiers. They can be found in almost all types of products: yoghurts, ice cream, mayonnaise, confectionery and bakery products and even fruit desserts.

Scientists analyzed the consumption of emulsifiersModern man and conducted an experiment in mice, giving them a dose that is commensurate with their weight. Soon the experimental animals began to observe a bacterial imbalance in the intestines, which caused a whole heap of problems.

In mice the metabolism was broken, because of whatAnimals, consuming the same amount of food as before, began to gain weight. In addition, they began to have problems with the intestines. Safe for health and rapid weight loss is possible only in the case of impeccable work of the digestive organs!

Losing weight without dieting

In the Code of Alimentarius, which is a set of international food standards, emulsifiers are assigned indexes from e400 to e499. The most common emulsifiers are classified as follows:

  1. E322 - lecithins, which are both emulsifiers and stabilizers.
  2. E422 Ammonium salts of phosphatidic acid.
  3. E432-436 - Twins, derivatives, polysorbates.
  4. E471 Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids.
  5. E472 - esters of fatty and organic acids, glycerin.
  6. E473 - esters of fatty acids, sucrose.
  7. E476 - ethers of interesterified, ricinol acids and polyglycerol.
  8. E491-496 - speny, esters of sorbinate.

So carefully study the composition of the products andChoose in favor of those that contain less emulsifiers. And if you care about the health of your friends, do not forget to share with them this valuable information!