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Why do my kidneys hurt?

Not for nothing did the proverb stick to the people: "It's too late to drink Borjomi when the kidneys refused." This paired body is working on wear: when its function is reduced to 20%, it is still able to maintain a full-fledged life. So it is very difficult to identify kidney disease at an early stage, and this is a direct threat to the entire body.

Remember that Kidney disease - "quiet killers", because they develop gradually and do not make themselves felt for a long time. The cause of the destruction of this body are common habits.

Kidney disease

Why are the kidneys sore?

  1. Hypothermia
    Due to a long stay in the cold, Kidney problems. Light clothing in student weather, sitting on a cold surface, wet feet - all this can cause inflammation. And this is a big risk to health.

    Kidney disease

  2. cold
    Sometimes we ignore a cold and deny ourselvesFull-fledged hospital. It seems to us that a couple of tablets and medicinal tea will bring us back to normal. But it's a big mistake to suffer a cold on your feet! Careless care of yourself during illness affects the work of the kidneys.
  3. Abuse of painkillers
    There are people who swallow pills with handfuls, just to ease the slightest pain. This question should be approached reasonably, because all drugs have a side effect. Most often kidneys suffer from it.

    Why are the kidneys sore?

  4. Refusal of proper treatment
    The signal of kidney disease can be coarseSkin and cracks on the heels. Timely treat angina, caries, sinusitis, because they can start the process of destruction of the precious organ. Excess weight and constipation also have a harmful effect.
  5. binge eating
    The harm of overeating for the body is obvious. Kidneys become hostages to the whims of our stomach, and this negatively affects their condition. It is important not only to control the amount of food consumed, but also to monitor what you eat.

    Which is harmful to the kidneys

  6. high blood pressure
    When hypertension, the blood in the kidneys flows differently andThey do not properly filter toxins. Because of this, the kidneys slowly begin to atrophy, which can develop into very serious problems. Regularly measure pressure to avoid complications.

Knowing what habits kill the kidneys, you can prevent the deterioration of their performance and the development of diseases. Vedi healthy lifestyle, Eat healthy food for your kidneys and take care of yourself!