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Quality of butter

Lately, butter has lost itsPosition among food products. Say, it has a lot of cholesterol, it harms the figure and so on. But it's worth noting that this product is one of the most respected among Tibetans, and you probably know about their strong health and longevity.

How to choose real butter

actually The use of butter For your body is very large. But very often unscrupulous producers add vegetable fats to it or even give out ordinary margarine for it, so this product has become notorious. Redaction "so simple!" Will tell you what to look for when buying butter and what is its use.

Quality of butter

That oil serves your health for good, itShould be qualitative. Today, manufacturers have learned to make products from the lowest quality raw materials, replacing animal fats with vegetable, and even butter was no exception. Therefore, before talking about the benefits of a natural product, you need to know how to choose it.

How to choose real butter

How to choose high-quality butter

  1. Find out what kind of guest has butter in your country, and what kind of margarine. If you see a guest on the oil from margarine, then put this product aside. Also do not buy butter and oil.
  2. Store the oil in the store at a temperature of no higher than 6 degrees. The shelf life should not exceed 30-35 days. If the product is stored for longer, then it clearly contains special additives.
    How to choose real butter
  3. Give preference to the oil in the foil packaging, and not from the paper. In the light, the oil turns yellow, losing vitamin A. Foil packaging prevents this process.
  4. Buying loose butter in the market, notFeel free to taste it. It should quickly melt in the mouth and do not stick to the teeth, as margarine does. Also pay attention to the cut: it must be dry, dense, shiny and without delamination.
  5. The oil must have a light yellowish tinge, while in winter Natural butter It is lighter, and in the summer it is darker. This is due to the quality of the grass that animals eat. But it should not be white or yellow.
  6. Natural butter is easily smeared on bread. If it crumbles, then there is a lot of water in it.
    How to choose real butter
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  8. At home you can conduct an experiment. Place a piece of oil in hot water. A high-quality product will dissolve in a uniform puddle, and the fake will melt with lumps.

We present to your attention several weighty reasons why you should bring butter in your diet if you refused it earlier.

Useful properties of butter

  1. Butter is the most easily absorbed source of vitamin A, which is necessary to maintain the adrenal and thyroid gland.
  2. The use of butter does not lead toOverweight. In its composition fatty acids, which are expended by the body only on energy supply, and not on fatty deposits. After consuming oil, a feeling of saturation appears. The feeling of hunger decreases, which means that you will not overeat.
    The use of butter

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  3. Butter is a wonderful source of iodine, the lack of which can cause the appearance of goiter.
  4. Butter improves the digestive tract. It reduces the incidence of diarrhea in children and constipation in adults.
  5. People who consume butter are less likely to have a heart attack.
    The use of butter
  6. Fatty acids of butter facilitateAbsorption of such essential vitamins as a, e, d, k. Even cook food advised in butter, and not on sunflower. So that the butter does not burn, you need to add a little olive oil.
  7. Butter is rich in antioxidants. They reduce the possibility of cancer and atherosclerosis.
    The use of butter

Now you know how useful it is to eatButter and how to choose a quality product. Find a place for him in his diet - your body will be satisfied. Share useful information with your friends in social networks!