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How to clear a blockage in a pipe

Did you notice that every house has its own smell? Anyway, when the apartment smells of freshly baked pie with apples or spring flowers. But what if the kitchen or bathroom is sewage? Know, this is the first beacon that signals that Pipes clogged And they need to be cleaned urgently.

Pipe clogging

There are a lot of methods to combat blockages. You can call plumbing, use a chemical, try to fix the problem with a plunger or cable, or you can Clean the pipe Without unnecessary trouble. This is one effective remedy, which my neighbor once told me.

How to clear a blockage in a pipe

You will need

  • 2 tablets of "alka-Seltzer"
  • 1 tbsp. Vinegar

Application of

  1. In the drain hole put 2 tablets «alka-Seltzer».
  2. Pour vinegar into the hole and leave for 2 minutes. While close the hole.
  3. Turn on the hot water so that it pushes the dissolved mud. This tool not only eliminates blockage, but also removes an unpleasant smell.

    Pipe clogging

You can use vigorous means from the shelfStore. But do not forget about the harm that any household chemical does to a person. Especially dangerous are the remedies that are made on the basis of powerful reagents. These include those that are used to eliminate pipe blockages. In addition, plumbers recommend less use of chemicals, because they corrode seals.

Pipe clogging

To avoid these procedures, it is better to carefully monitor the condition of the plumbing.

Blockage prevention

  1. Boil water in a kettle and just pour into the sink of the kitchen sink. Do it every two days. Hot water dissolves fat, which adheres to the walls of pipes and prevents drainage.
  2. Install protective devices - grids. Remnants of food, garbage, hair will remain on them and will not fall into the drain.
  3. Periodically fall asleep in a sink a few spoons of a large salt, pouring it with boiling water. You can also use soda with vinegar.

    Pipe clogging

  4. Make sure that the plum bath and washbasin are not clogged with hair, because they can not dissolve even chemicals.

These household tricks will be useful to any homeowner! Share the new method with your friends so that they are not caught unawares.