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Basket for Easter eggs

very soon Easter holiday. Every year my whole family starts preparing in advance to bring a bright, spring mood to the house. Because to me, like any other Orthodox man, this holiday is very close.

Basket for Easter eggs

The atmosphere of this day is created not only by cakes and decorated eggs. They, naturally, are great for themselves. However, if you fold them in perfectly Decorated wicker basket, They will look even more elegant and appetizing. And materials for decor can be found in the box for needlework, because the design options can be different!

Redaction "so simple!" Prepared for you 21 inspirational ideas, like Decorate the Easter basket With your own hands using colors. When I look at them, spring blossoms in my soul!

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Here are some tips for creating the decor of the Easter basket at home! If you are inspired, they will come in handy ...

You will need

  • Wicker basket
  • Trimming ribbons
  • Flowers from cloth
  • Cotton yarn
  • Rests of yarn
  • air balloons
  • Universal adhesive
  • PVA glue
  • scissors

Materials for manufacturing


  1. Pen design
    You need a long cut of satin ribbon. Wrap it around the handle, but not tightly. You can make only a few turns and leave gaps between them. If the tape is long, then the edges are easy to simply tie or trim and glue to the basket itself, and decorate the attachment points with artificial flowers.
  2. Basket base
    Depending on what kind of materials you areYou can arrange a basket in completely different ways. This is an option for those who like to knit. Tie the multi-colored woolen threads of the basket edge and the junction of the bottom and sides. Using a large needle with a wide eyelet, drag the tape between the twigs, covering the edge of the basket with a stitch seam. With this decor the basket will look cozy and beautiful.
  3. Floral elements
    My favorite is a win-win option. On the side of the basket make an application of flowers. It can be large flowers of factory production, but you can make them from cloth. If you have a multi-colored scotch on hand, try to cut out the petals of flowers from it.
  4. Decoration
    You can supplement the composition with a toy chicken withChickens. Decor simply make in the form of balls of thread of white color or from melange yarn. For this inflate the balloons - one more, another slightly less.

    Spread them with glue and wrap them tightly with a thread. Then pierce the balls and remove them from the papier-mache. Wait until the resulting substrate dries, and then glue them. Scallop, eyes, paws, wings and beak make of colored paper. By the same principle you can make chickens. Put the toys in a basket and lay out Easter eggs around them.

Flower basket

If you, like me, were inspired by these ideas, try to create such beauty, for example, on the weekend. It does not take long and will give joy to you and the children!

Meet a bright Easter holiday beautifully and do not forget to share ideas with your friends!