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Remedy for sore throat

Angina, probably, each of us was sick. this Unpleasant disease Provides a lot of hassle and discomfort. Which is only an unbearable pain in the throat ... you do not have to pay for pharmacy funds, and they do not always show their effectiveness. Fortunately, traditional medicine is always ready to help!

Redaction "so simple!" Shares a prescription for an effective home remedy that can easily reduce or even eliminate the symptoms of such an unpleasant disease as angina. And even cope with a cold in two accounts!

Beetroot and vinegar in angina

A remedy for sore throat

If the first signs of the disease are found, therapy should be immediate. No one canceled the trip to the otolaryngologist, and even medications. But our Home remedy for sore throats Will help cope with the disease much faster, eliminate local manifestations of the disease and will be an excellent addition to complex therapy.

Beets - a truly amazing vegetable, able to easily cope with the pain in the throat and not only!

The use of beetroot in angina

  1. Eliminates inflammation and reduces swelling of the throat.
  2. Has a noticeable antimicrobial effect.
  3. Reduces pain syndrome.
  4. Strengthens local immunity.
  5. Increases the elasticity of capillaries and normalizes blood supply.
  6. Softens plugs and removes purulent coating.

Beet juice with purulent sore throat

Beetroot therapy is extremely simple. It is only necessary to stock up beet juice, which can be obtained with a juicer, blender or grater, and the result will not take long to wait.

Application of

  1. Perhaps this is the most Effective recipe. Mix 200 ml of beet juice with 1 tbsp. L. Apple cider vinegar. The resulting "cocktail" of warming in the microwave to 30-35 ° c. The throat is not less often 6-7 times a day until complete recovery.
  2. With a purulent process It is recommended to gargle with a solutionBeet and onion juice. Dilute the beet juice with water in an equal proportion. In 150 ml of the mixture add 1 tbsp. L. Onion juice. Rinse with this solution should be carried out no more than every 3 hours.
    Beet in the treatment of angina
  3. By the way, beet juice is excellent Remedy for rhinitis!! Mix the juice and water in equal parts, add a little honey. Bury in 4 drops in each nasal passage 4 times a day. Do this treatment 6-7 days.
  4. This recipe is simply indispensable With viral angina. Mix 100 ml of beet juice, 100 ml of water and 1 tsp. Lemon juice. Such a mixture of the rumen sick throat no less than 5-6 times a day.
  5. At Frequent relapses Diseases recommend taking a decoction of beetsInside. 1 kg of washed and unpeeled root crops are boiled in 2 liters of water. When the beet becomes soft, the broth is poured into a separate bowl. Take such a decoction should be 50 ml 3 times a day, and should rinse their throat.

    Keep the product in the refrigerator, and beforeUse a little bit of warming! After 1 month of such therapy you will feel much healthier and be able to easily cope with unpleasant ailments.

    Beets with angina

Gargle with the means of beet canAbsolutely everything, except for people with increased sensitivity to this root crop. But take the broth inside with caution, especially for those who suffer from gastritis, urolithiasis, diabetes and osteoporosis!

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