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Fractures between the legs

Summer - a hot time of holidays, travel, Rest by the sea And unhurried walks in the evenings ... but all this grace can spoil the unbearable pain and burning sensation on the inner surface of the thighs.

During the heat we sweat more, while walking rubs against each other, redness and even wounds appear. from Abrasions between legs The owners of lush forms suffer particularly badly, but sometimes they are prone to this scourge because of their anatomical features.

Rubbing between the legs

Intertrigo between the legs

To avoid friction, and hence abrasions and intertrigo on the inner side of the thighs, "so simple!" Proposes to take several preventive measures.

  1. Solid deodorant Can be used not only in the field of armpits. Put a small amount on the problem area between the legs: in addition to creating a refreshing effect, the deodorant will protect the skin from rubbing.
    Solid deodorant
  2. Normal baby powder Can be a real rescue for adults. Apply it only to clean and dry skin.
    How to use baby powder
  3. Coconut oil Perfectly absorbed and does not leave greasy marks. It effectively removes irritations, heals wounds, provides complete skin care.
    Coconut oil for the skin
  4. Not infrequently Irritation between the legs Appears during or after exercise. To prevent this, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the selection of sportswear. Shorts should not be too short and it is better that they have a compression effect - this will not allow the legs to rub against each other.

Increased sweating And diaper rash should be given due attention,Because in conditions of constant humidity to ordinary irritation, a fungal infection can join the skin, and this already requires specialized treatment.

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