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Councils for summer residents

Such a rapid development of technologyMakes a modern man more and more drawn to the earth, and this is not surprising. And in fact to keep your small garden or a modest vegetable garden is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. It is only necessary to know a few tricks, and you in a moment Will become an advanced summer owner.

Redaction "so simple!" Offers a selection of very effective and unusual tips for summer residents, who really work.

Councils to summer residents

  1. Small vegetable garden in a container
    A small plot - not a hindrance for a lush garden. A conventional plastic storage container can be turned into a real mobile garden. Do holes in the bottom, put lutrasil covering material on the bottom, so that the bed is not too heavy, and gladly plant flowers and vegetables! By the way, this bed can easily be equipped on the balcony of the city apartment.
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  2. Innovative irrigation
    Many plants feel a lack of moisture whenWatering, because their roots go deep into the earth. But if you dig a plastic container near the bed with holes in the bottom and water the plants in this way, they will thank you with a generous harvest. And zucchini from such watering just delighted!
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  3. Miracle water
    The water in which the vegetables were cooked is extremely useful! It is saturated with nutrients, due to which the seedlings grow as a yeast. Such a broth is useful for watering absolutely any plants, just do not forget to cool it before using.
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  4. Unusual use of diapers
    Many do not even guess that experienced gardenersFound diapers very useful in their business. Nappies placed on the bottom of the pot or pot, perfectly retain moisture. So now you do not have to worry about your favorite colors, if you rarely go to a summer residence.
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  5. Coffee filters
    Coffee filters are just irreplaceable friendsFlower pots! If you place a similar device on the bottom of the pot, it will not allow the substrate to spill out during irrigation, and excess moisture will go away without problems.
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  6. Potty in a pot
    This trick will appeal to gardeners who loveFrom time to time to change the design of your site. It is only necessary to dig into the ground several plastic pots and immerse in them seasonal plants in containers. When plants lose relevance, you just need to replace them with new ones. Ingenious trick!
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  7. Citrus for seedlings
    This way of planting is incredibly budgetary and very useful for seedlings, because the citrus peel contains a lot of nutrients. Besides, it's fucking cute.
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  8. Indoor greenhouse for seedlings
    Well, where is without the good old plastic bottle! Under such a dome, each seedling will grow at a rapid rate. Very convenient device.
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  9. Egg shell - not garbage!
    Ground eggshells are an incredibly nutritious fertilizer for your plants. With such nourishment your harvest will be generous and tasty!
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  10. High beds
    Slag blocks are simply a universal material forSummer residents! From them you can build a bed of absolutely any height. In addition, plants can be planted not only in the center of the structure, but also in the holes of the blocks.
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Take note of these useful tricks, because all ingenious is simple. Now work on the garden will become a pleasure, and the harvest will be generous and magnificent!

Perhaps, you have your own summer inventions? Be sure to tell us in the comments.