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Daily cleaning

All of us are delighted with all sorts of tricks that make our life easier, and home - fabulously clean. The blessing of the woman is always ready to invent something and share her experience with her friends. after all clean house - a pledge of a healthy and happy family! And when cleaning becomes a simple and fascinating occupation, it can not but rejoice.

Redaction "so simple!" I'm sure that the following tips will be useful for you. It is only worth trying to use these household cleaners ...

Daily cleaning

  1. Clean kettle
    Pour water and vinegar into the kettle in equal quantities. Turn on the appliance and wait until the water gets warm enough. Turn off the kettle and repeat this procedure several times. Scale as it never happened!
    Means for cleaning the house with your own hands
  2. Baking tray as new
    Sodium baking tray with a kitchen salt, and then wipe with a paper towel. Voila, everything sparkles with purity.
    Cleaning products without chemicals
  3. Sparkling cranes
    Waxed paper is an excellent tool for polishing chrome-plated taps.
    Safe cleaning products
  4. Clean oven
    So that the oven looks like a new, sodden outer surface with a towel soaked in olive oil. Remains of oil remove with a clean rag.
    Means for cleaning in the house
  5. Antiplaque
    Mix in equal parts water and vinegar. Pour the mixture into a cup and leave there for 1 hour. After the procedure just wash the cup with a kitchen sponge. Ready!
    Cleaning products in the apartment
  6. cutting boards
    To clean the wooden cutting board, use this method. Put a sheet of parchment paper on the blackboard, sprinkle salt with plenty and iron for 1 minute. Board as new!
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  7. Snow-white bath
    You will definitely be delighted with this method! In the evening fill the tub with hot water and dissolve a portion of oxygen bleach, and in the morning enjoy the result.
    Means for cleaning the bathroom
  8. Antiperspirant
    This recipe will be useful to all those who holdHome pets. To rid your sofa of unpleasant odors, dissolve a tablespoon of soda and 10 drops of lavender oil in 2 tbsp. water. Pour this mixture into the nebulizer and enjoy your health!
    Cleaning for animals
  9. Clean kitchen sponges
    In a plastic container, mix 2 tbsp. L. Kitchen salt and 2 tbsp. hot water. Leave the kitchen sponges in this solution for the whole night. Now you can wash the dishes with a clean sponge!
    Means for apartment cleaning by one's own hands
  10. Broken eggs
    In case of such trouble, sprinkle the egg with salt and leave for 15 minutes. Then simply remove the egg from the surface with a paper towel.
    Best cleaning products
  11. Perfectly clean sink
    If you rub the surface of the shell with salt and lemon, it flashes like new!
    Natural means for cleaning
  12. Get rid of burnt fat
    Sprinkle a frying pan with a small amount of salt and cover with water. Leave for 15 minutes. Well, the pan is very easy to clean!
    Natural means for cleaning the house
  13. Gleaming glasses
    Try to wash the glasses with the vinegar! You will be surprised how clean they will become. Just do not forget that after you need to rinse the glasses with running water.
    Folk remedies for cleaning

With such household cleaning tools neverWill be a burden, but will turn into a simple and fascinating occupation! And most importantly - will save you from the infinite need to use expensive and not always safe household products.

If you appreciate these awesome tips for cleaning, share them with your friends.