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Coffee with cocoa

If you are a coffee lover, that is very joyfulnews. As a result of numerous studies, an ideal ingredient has been found that makes this drink even more useful and tasty. This is not boring cinnamon or lemon zest, but a favorite from childhood cocoa.

Coffee with cocoa benefit

Redaction "so simple!" Tell you why add cocoa to your coffee. You probably made these drinks separately, but their duet is simply divine. You can add a pinch of cocoa, but you can cook Coffee moccasin.

Coffee with cocoa

In the United States conducted an interesting experiment. People were divided into several groups, each of which was supposed to use a certain drink: pure coffee, coffee with cinnamon, coffee with coconut oil, cocoa and coffee with cocoa.

After a certain time, scientists checkedIndicators of participants' health, as well as conducted tests for attentiveness, concentration and vigilance. And won, as you can already guess, coffee with cocoa. This is not surprising, because both these products have unique properties.

Coffee with cocoa benefit

Use of coffee with cocoa

  1. Cheerfulness and energy
    Presence of a huge amount of antioxidants andUseful minerals in this drink contributes to the production of endorphins, which increases vitality and gives a good mood. It is very useful for those who are engaged in mental activity or are often exposed to stress.
  2. Cancer prevention
    Ddve cups of coffee with cocoa, drunk daily, reduce the risk of cancer of the pancreas, liver, rectum and colon, and smokers - the risk of blood cancer.
    Coffee with cocoa benefit
  3. For weight loss
    Coffee helps Assimilation of food, and cocoa gives a feeling of saturation, so to maintain a harmonious figure to drink a cup of this delicious drink will not hurt.
  4. For men's health
    Coffee is an effective way to improveReproductive function in men, increases the mobility of spermatozoa. In cocoa powder contains proteins and valuable fatty acids, which improve the quality of the seed.
    Coffee with cocoa benefit
  5. Prophylaxis of trembling paralysis
    Use of this drink reduces the dangerThe occurrence of Parkinson's disease, while women are encouraged to use it in moderation, and men in large. The healing effect is provided by the presence in the drink of folic acid and other useful components.
  6. For beauty and youth
    Coffee helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin, and cocoa contains a natural pigment melanin, which has the ability to absorb ultraviolet rays.
    Coffee with cocoa benefit

It should be noted that to abuse coffee with cocoaNot worth it. For each person their dose: someone can drink 7 cups and feel cheerful, and someone from three may have the opposite effect. Coffee and cocoa and individually are very good, but together they only strengthen each other's action.

Try to drink this drink in the morning, come up with your own unique recipes and share with us in the comments. And do not forget to tell about the useful properties of coffee with cocoa to your friends!