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Pests of strawberry

The season of fragrant, juicy and incredibly tasty strawberries is coming. Her love everything from small to large. We with pleasure we weave with its kilograms, we bake pies, we prepare jam, we cook compotes.

Everyone knows how tasty and useful this berry is. But you do not even suspect what a terrible secret it hides under its green leaves! This temptress can carry Eggs of helminthes And cells of protozoa. Look who lives on it!

The benefits of strawberries

Strawberry pests

Carefully, strawberries!

  1. aphid
    This thunderstorm of all kitchen gardens and gardens does not bypassSide and strawberry. Aphids suck out juices from stems, leaves. Leaves of the strawberry bush from this twist, and the fruits do not ripen. Except for direct damage to the plant, aphids suffer from viral diseases.

    The benefits of strawberries

  2. Shovel
    Another enemy is the caterpillar shovel. She gnaws everything in its path. To combat scoop gardening use a variety of chemicals, abuse of which is very harmful to human health. So think carefully before you feed your child a strawberry from the market.

    Strawberry Photo

  3. bug
    A pest from which it is very difficult to get rid of. If you see that the berry is uneven and covered with tubercles, then be sure that the bug has worked here.

    Strawberry harm

  4. Floral thrips
    Overseas strawberries from supermarkets are fullThrips. These harmful insects massively infect berries. Although with thrips are actively fighting and separate the affected strawberries, but still sometimes it gets on the table.

    Strawberry aphid

  5. Red tick
    The most dangerous insect for strawberries - redmite. He destroys whole plantations, and it is very difficult to get rid of this pest. To notice it is almost impossible even with a magnifying glass. Only observant truck farmers calculate it for the condition of berries and leaves.

    Bug strawberry

It is because of these pests that the favorite summer berry is mass-processed. The benefits of such a product are few! Here are some recommendations, How to choose strawberries Tasty and at the same time not harmful.

Useful tips

  1. Grow strawberries on your own summer residence - workpainstaking. It takes about 44 days! Natural berries usually appear on the market in late May - early June. In early strawberries there are many pesticides, and it does not please the taste. But the taste and The benefits of strawberries From the garden incredible!
  2. Berries should be uniformly dark red color, without stains. Do not chase the size. As a rule, a giant fruit - an indicator of the presence of chemicals.

    The benefits of strawberries

  3. If the strawberry is the same size, feels dense, smooth and rubbery, it is stuffed with nitrates. Such a product is not worth buying.
  4. The main criterion in the choice of berries is aroma. Before the smell of ripe strawberries it is impossible to resist!

How do you want ripe berries, soaked in the sun, juicy ... carefully choose a strawberry, before you serve it on the table. You can, of course, try to grow it at home