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Reproduction of orchids at home

Once I was given a magnificent orchid withBeautiful flowers, and after a while I wanted to multiply it. At first it seemed to me that it was very difficult, because before I did not do such things. I read a special book, looked through a lot of articles, asked my friends ...

This could have lasted forever if I hadQuite accidentally did not write off at the forum with a woman who has been engaged in orchids for 13 years and knows absolutely everything about them! She taught me and the technology of reproduction of these amazing houseplants.

Reproduction of orchids

Reproduction of orchids at home

3 simple ways

  1. Bush division

    At home, it's easiest to multiply an orchid by simply dividing a bush. The plant must be healthy and have many sprouts. This is done during the transplantation of the flower in the spring.

    Carefully detached rhizomes from the substrate. Roots should be clean. Cut them with garden scissors so that there are several pseudobulbs left on each plant. All sections must be treated with wood powder. Prepare pots with a substrate to plant orchids in them.

    Then comes the period of rooting. The plant must take root. For this, water it and sprinkle the leaves with water every day. The orchid took root, if new shoots appeared on it.

    Reproduction of orchids

  2. Radical processes

    Orchid care Should be correct, so that eventuallyAppearances appeared at the roots. They are difficult to separate from the mother plant. The roots of the appendage should grow well to be ready for separation and transplantation. They should be about 3-5 cm in length.

    Sharp object to cut off the process from the trunk in theThe place where they connect. Let it dry and dust it with charcoal. Sprout in pots with a substrate. There must necessarily be drainage holes through which moisture will pass.

    Water as the substrate dries, but notAllow full absence of moisture. As well as any young plant, transplanted orchids need fertilizing, fertilizer with the content of basic nutrients - nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. In a year you will have a young Flowering orchid.

    Transplant an orchid

  3. Seedlings

    For this method it is necessary to buy a flask withOrchid seedlings. The method is easy to apply and gives an excellent result. Break the flask, get the seedlings out of it and drain it with running water. Then soak in a solution of potassium permanganate for 5 minutes. Then lay the seedlings on a paper towel and let them dry out. Plant the seedlings in a special substrate. So that the kids adapt, they need a lot of light, moisture and a temperature of 20 to 24 ° C.

    Orchid seedlings

To transplant an orchid is not difficult. Remember that the main thing is the proper care of flowers.