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How to make repairs in the bathroom

Our family has long dreamed of buying a big house,And now at last it happened in the autumn! Bright rooms, large windows, a flowering garden. Only was one thing: the previous owners left us a bathroom in a catastrophic state!

Old bath

I was afraid to go there. The plaster is showered, the plumbing is faulty, the pipes are rusty, mold and musty smell! The husband did not lose his head and immediately set to work, because he knows how I like to relax in a fragrant bath. That's what we got!

How to make repairs in the bathroom


  1. Make a bathroom dream turned out to be a challenge not fromLight, because the area of ​​our room - only 2.04 square meters. M. The first thing my husband did was draw a drawing on which he indicated the location of all the objects (up to the sockets). This is important, because the room is tiny and you need to rationally use the space.

    Bathroom design

  2. Took out all the trash. Then went to the dismantling of the old washbasin and bath. Ripped peeling plaster to the very brickwork. The tiles were also removed from the floor.

    Bathroom interior

  3. When the room was released, went on to replace the old pipes with PVC pipes and immediately set up drying for towels.

    Bathroom design

  4. Stopped on a stretch glossy white ceiling. Glazed tiles were used for walls, and for ordinary floors. Bought it on the stock, it looks very expensive! The room is decorated in white tones.
    Bathroom design
  5. Bath is my pride! Compact, radiant, smooth. Chose a long time, settled on the Russian manufacturer. Old cast iron did not throw out, decided to find her application in the garden.

    Bathroom design

  6. Curbstone under a washbasin with strict outlinesPerfectly blended into the overall interior. In it there are several capacious drawers and shelves. Washbasin also from the Russian manufacturer. Well, a faucet bought a reliable - German firm gerhans.

    Bathroom design

  7. The finishing touches - a mirror, hooks, towels, rugs and other accessories. Result - Modern bathroom design. Comfortable, minimalistic and budget!

    Bathroom design

I have Small bathroom, But I'm trying not to litter it. For this, I removed all the things that do not belong in this room.

Save space

  1. decorative cosmetics
    I folded it into a cosmetic bag and store it in a separate locker in the room.
  2. Hairdryer, curling iron and other hair styling tools
    I take them to the bathroom if necessary.
  3. Mop, buckets, household cleaning chemicals
    These subjects place in the pantry.
  4. dirty clothes
    Because the bathroom area is small, I put the laundry basket in a dark corner in the corridor.

Do not postpone repair for later! You can even transform a room with a minimal budget. Try yourself as a designer and create an interior with a twist!