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Home-made tea for weight loss

If you always want a snack, and basically - something sweet, this drug will save! Decoction of herbs, which will now be discussed, can safely be called the most effective Drink for weight loss And a decrease in appetite.

Herbal tea expels from the body all that is superfluous: both toxins and water, and also helps to regulate digestion and depress appetite. All components are natural, they are easy to find in the pharmacy, and the price is pleasant ...

drink Slimming tea at home You need courses: 2 weeks of drinking, 2 weeks break and repeat again. Lightness, instant reduction of the abdomen, perfect well-being all day long - you will get these gifts by brewing a glass of such tea. Let's get started!

Slimming tea at home

Home weight loss tea


  • 50 g of oak bark
  • 50 g of buckthorn
  • 50 g of Artemisia
  • 50 g yarrow
  • 50 g of tansy
  • 1 tbsp. Boiling water

Composition features

  1. Oak bark Contains calcium, promoting weight loss, and tannins, beneficial to the walls of the intestine and stomach.
  2. buckthorn Has a laxative effect and helps to remove from the body of a piece of undigested food.
  3. Bitter sagebrush Helps in burning internal fat, depresses appetite, and also destroys parasites in the body.
  4. Yarrow Accelerates the processes of digestion and positively affects the smooth muscles of the intestine.
  5. tansy Stimulates the secretory-motor processes in the gastrointestinal tract, has a strong antimicrobial and antiparasitic action.


  1. Mix all the herbs, put them in a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. Stock dry mix for brand tea is ready!
    Herbal tea for weight loss

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  2. 1 tsp. Mixture of herbs pour a glass of boiling water, let it brew for 10 minutes. It is convenient to use a thermos for this purpose, but you can brew tea in a teapot and a french press, and in a mug.
    Slimming tea at home

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  3. Drink 1 glass of tea in the morning on an empty stomach while he is stillwarm. Tea bitter, therefore I recommend to seize it with a small amount of honey. This trick will relieve from unpleasant gustatory sensations, and also positively will work on the digestive system.
    Home weight loss tea

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  4. Go to breakfast after half an hour after a cup of this tea!
    Slimming tea at home

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Slimming tea and home-made recipe? is it possible? Yes, pharmacy teas for weight loss have an impressive value, but this does not mean that they act better than home made tea made from herbs.

Mixing tea with your own hands, you can be sure that it does not contain harmful substances for the body. Because what just do not throw in these store mixes for fast weight loss ...

If your life is accompanied by constant drowsiness and such fatigue from which you want to eat and overeat, this tea will help! You will see.

Slimming tea at home

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Share a recipe with friends. I respect this herbal collection unlimitedly. I really want him to help others feel better, to become slim and energetic! Life is too short to live it as horrible.