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How to behave in the church

Believers come to church as in a place whereThey can purify their thoughts, their souls, and some go only on great holidays. But there is a category of people who come even to this bright place to throw off their misfortunes on others or from their wickedness to spoil the more successful ones. To agree with this or not is a personal matter.


How would it be outrageous and absurd to sound,But in the church you can run into a witch or an energetic vampire. At least, many people say so. There are many superstitions on this score. Redaction "so simple!" Will tell you about the possible behavior of witches, so that you can protect yourself and loved ones from possible misfortunes.

This article is of a purely fact-finding nature,And do not take this information too close, because the facts of the existence of evil forces can not be proved. But some people claim that they were the victims of sorcerers in this way, so we decided to pay attention to this issue. Because warned, then armed.

How to behave in the church

To feel confident in the church and know,How to behave correctly in this place, what and when to do, we advise you to consult with the priest, and not with local grandmothers. And in the meantime we will tell you that "people talk."

Before entering the church You can give begging to beggars, while saying to yourself: "Let the hand of the giver not fail". At the output, it is not worth doing, because together with the money you give what you came for, what you asked from gentlemen and saints.

Say, to recognize witches and sorcerers is possible bySome signs. Being in the church or the surrounding territory, pay attention to the people who stand around you. Witches and sorcerers try to cross their fingers or hands themselves, so that the left hand lies on the right hand. In the temple they stand so that the back is always covered from the altar. And get out of the church try as slowly as possible and back.


One more important point: In the church you can go around counter-clockwise and poke your hand, then stand behind to suck your energy. If this happened, then immediately, without hesitation, touch this person Left hand, So that the corruption goes back.

Also special attention should be given to candles, because it is with their help that witches often make their rituals. There are a lot of superstitions about this, about which we will tell you.

How to properly use church candles

  1. Many beginners do not know where to put a lighted candle. A witch or sorcerer with advice will always try to approach such a person. People say: "Put a candle and go out of the church behind". If you do so, you will damage yourself.
  2. In the temple it is not advisable to light a candle from matchesOr lighters, but from the lamp that burns in the center. In any case, do not light your candle from nearby, so as not to overtake someone else's problems. Also, do not let others set fire to yours, so that they will not take away your happiness.
    How is corruption in the church
  3. Do not move away from your candle, which is set for good, until the big half of it burns out. Because, it can simply be removed and put another.
  4. Extinguish the candle yourself and do it with your fingers, and do not blow it out.
  5. Pay attention to this point: You lit a candle, walked away from her, and she suddenly smoked. Do not be lazy and look at your feet. You can stand on the accursed needle. But if you look at things realistically, the reason for this may be simply a poor-quality wick.
    How is corruption in the church
  6. when you Put a candle for health Before the icon of a saint and you begin to pray, then do not allow outsiders to rearrange it.
  7. Make sure that your candle is not extinguished or put another candle in its cell. So usually want to bring damage.
    How is corruption in the church

And finally. There can be such a situation: you walk along the street near the church, and a nice grandmother approaches you who asks you to count Number of domes. do not do this! Say that near the single-headed Orthodox church they throw loneliness, in the triceps, they throw anxiety, fears, problems with the law, and in the five-domed church - different diseases.

This does not mean that you need to bypass the churchSide. On the contrary, come to this place, as soon as you have such an inner desire. Just know that not all people have good intentions, but this is life, and this should not be a barrier to any of your actions. Take these tips for a note, maybe someday they will be able to help you. And do not forget to share interesting information with your friends in social networks!