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Early face

How much a woman looks like, how old she is and how old she is. And when assessing the age of a person, first of all they pay attention to the person and the figure. But this is not all! On the unconscious level, the person notices many more nuances.

Youth of the face

My aunt is 56 years old, and she looks like 30! Many acquaintances are very envious of her appearance, but they can not understand the reason. But it is covered in Healthy spine!!

Youth of the face

"Youth of face and spine: what is the connection?"You will ask. But it is, and the most direct! The age gives out the face. And this is a fact. But the appearance is not only beautiful and radiant skin, the condition of which can sometimes be hidden under artfully executed makeup. However, no cosmetics can hide the proportions of the face, the condition of the neck, posture and gait. But these factors are directly related to the spine.

Advertising from the TV and the Internet constantly tells us about Anti-aging properties Creams, quick-acting sera or masks withMiracle effect. Cosmetics, of course, also do their job, but, counting only on them, you miss the main thing! But after all, what is inside, then outside!

Spine and woman

For problems with Cervical spine There is a displacement or compression of intervertebralDisks. This becomes the cause of disorders in nerve endings, circulatory system and lymph nodes. Under the impact all parts of the head fall - the brain, skin, muscles ... with cream and facial massage, this situation can not be corrected.

"so simple!" Will acquaint you with the chain of the relationship of a person's youth and the state of health of the spine.

Communication of the spine and face


  1. Flattening of intervertebral discs often appears with age. While the neck becomes short, and the hypertrophied cervical deflection quite strongly spoils the natural outlines of a person.
  2. With loss of elasticity, the disks loseDamping abilities and begin to compress the blood vessels that approach the head. Even with a small disturbance of the blood supply to the brain, there are headaches, irritability, weakness and sleep disturbance.
  3. The metabolism is broken, and, as a result, deep wrinkles appear.
  4. About the state of the cervical region depends on about 70 facial muscles! If they are spasmodic, it can lead to compression of nerve fibers and deformation of face proportions, sagging of the skin and other signs of aging.

beautiful woman

As you can see, everything in the body is interconnected. Any woman looks good if her back is healthy. The youth of the face is hidden in the spine! Give it due attention and support it through various preventive measures. Try to stop stooping while sitting and walking, and also engage in useful physical exercises.

If desired, you can find many simple but effective complexes for the back and neck for any level of preparation. Stay young and beautiful for many years! But I will go to register for yoga.

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