/ The Secret of Longevity

The Secret of Longevity

When the academician Alexandra alexandrovich mikulina, The famous aircraft designer, creatorPiston, turboprop and turbojet engines for aircraft, health problems began, he became interested in the development of techniques to forget about illnesses and live a long, full life.

Secrets of longevity

The secret of longevity

Academician mikulin created gymnastics, consisting of simple exercises, peculiar Tremors - strikes with heels on the floor. This technique allows to improve blood flow, prevent plugging of veins and normalize the pressure. Also the brain work improves: from a severity and a pain in a head does not remain also a trace.

Stand up straight, put your feet together, press your teeth together. Raise your heels 3-5 cm from the floor, then drop sharply. As a result of the shaking Venous valves Receive an additional impulse to push blood upwards.

Vibroimmunistics of academician mikulina

Do 30 such ups-downs 5 times a day, and about illnesses and thoughts will not arise! Do the exercise slowly: 1 concussion per second.

Such gymnastics is especially useful to people who are forced to stand or sit for a long time at work. This exercise can be performed even by those who are banned from running or brisk walking.

Shake-up of the body is the effective prevention of thrombophlebitis, myocardial infarction and stroke. It's amazing that 1 simple exercise is so useful!

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