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How to lose weight after giving birth

After the birth of the baby mummies in different waysReact to their changed appearance. Very often women suffer at the sight of their reflection in the mirror, because the stiffened figure is difficult to hide. Someone begins to actively engage in sports and sit on hard diets, starve, buy in the pharmacy tablets and teas for weight loss, and someone just falls into postnatal depression.

The main error in this period is aggressiveActions in relation to the body, which are most often ineffective. Adhere to these 5 rules, and the path to a perfect figure will be pleasant and productive.

Losing weight after giving birth

Safe weight loss

  1. Tolerate
    The process of losing weight after childbirth is enoughLabour intensive. Do not believe in glossy magazines, do not look at stellar mothers, do not buy miracle cures. No matter how much you want to return the slender waist, the most important is not to harm your child's health and health. The more reasonable your actions, the quicker you will see the result.

    Lose weight after giving birth

  2. Breastfeed
    Doctors assure that nursing mothers come to form faster. This is explained by the fact that during the feeding period the uterus contracts more quickly, and this returns it to the prenatal state.

    How to lose weight after childbirth

  3. Watch over the food
    During pregnancy, you do not deny yourselfSweets, smoked products, pickles and other goodies, which in time reward you with a couple of extra pounds. Try to gradually eliminate harmful foods from your diet. Nutritionists recommend to abandon the rich meat broths and soups, because they are slowly digested and slow down the recovery process.

    To take a strict diet Right after delivery - a bad idea, because pregnancy for the bodyGreat stress and a complete renewal of its functions and balance requires a lot of energy. Food should be divided, include 4-5 meals a day. Enrich the body with vitamins, proteins (lean meat, fish), calcium (low-fat cheese 10-17% fat), iron (seafood, legumes, liver, nuts).

    Deficiency of these microelements is observed precisely inPostpartum period. Especially a large amount of iron is lost, and with its shortage it is practically impossible to lose weight, since a special fat-burning enzyme is not produced.

    Diet after childbirth

  4. Do exercises
    Moms often underestimate outdoor walks. Remember that 150 minutes of active walking are consumed by 150 calories. With time, you can increase the tempo and time. The first months after childbirth mom Do not stress yourself with grueling exercises.

    Only 4-6 weeks after childbirth canAllow yourself sparing workouts: easy tonic and firming exercises, gymnastics, special restoring programs for moms. On the 4th-5th month you can start full-fledged training - yoga, pilates, running, swimming will do.

    Postpartum training

  5. Consult a doctor
    You need to see a doctor forof the year. Women's health at this time is very vulnerable and susceptible. 6 months after childbirth, make a complete analysis of blood and hormones. Hormonal background for this period should come back to normal.

    If the weight does not go away for a long time, ask for advice to a nutritionist and endocrinologist. Perhaps, it is a matter of metabolic disorders or disruptions in the work of the endocrine system. Watch the menstrual cycle.

    Lose weight after giving birth

I wish that you will soon be overtaken by thisAn incredible feeling when one morning you'll stand on the scales and see that you lost 10 kg. Stop sighing at the sight of the slender, take care of your body as soon as possible!