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How to lower the temperature

Fever Is a protective reaction of the body to infection. In the body mechanisms are launched that suppress the growth of pathogenic microbes, which promote the removal of products of their vital activity and activate the production of interferon ...


Doctors unanimously recommend not to knock down the child's temperature until it reaches 38-38.5 degrees, and until then one should observe bed and Drinking regime.

If the indications of the thermometer column are too high, fever and weakness arise, the heat must be knocked down.

When to bring down the temperature

How to lower the temperature of a child

Paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofen and the likeAntipyretic drugs have a number of side effects, detrimentally affect the gastric mucosa and liver. Take them only after consultation with the pediatrician. Knock off a child's heat Can be done with natural and safe means.

  1. Blend Apple vinegar With water in a ratio of 1: 3. In this solution soak a cotton napkin and rub your forehead, whiskey, wrists, palms, feet.
  2. Apply to the forehead crumbs compress from the vinegar solution and change it as it warms up. Include the cartoon kid, so that he persistently transferred all the procedures.
    Apple cider vinegar
  3. A generous warm drink contributes to a good perspiration and helps to lower the temperature faster.
  4. Ventilate the room: let the air circulate fresh, slightly cool air.
  5. So that the heat is easier to leave, remove all excess layers of clothing from the baby.

All children are different: someone more easily tolerates a rise in temperature, someone is heavier ... it is also important to understand that independently Bring down the heat It is possible only in those cases when the cheeks and ears of the child are ruddy. If the baby is pale, the temperature continues to grow, and its origin is unclear, it is better to call the doctor right away.

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