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How to put a bed in the bedroom

It's no secret that High-grade healthy sleep - pledge of wonderful well-being and vigorousMood. And the fact that for a good health a person needs to sleep about 8 hours a day, has long been known to everyone. But very few people thought that some seemingly insignificant trifles affect the quality of sleep much more than a snoring nearby companion of life.

Redaction "so simple!" Invites you to learn a few rules Sleeping area design, Observing which you will always be healthy and rested.

How to put a bed in the bedroom

How to put a bed in the bedroom

  1. The height of the bed should be 7 cm above the knee level, but the length - 10 cm more than the height of the highest occupant of the bedroom.
    Put the bed correctly in the bedroom
  2. The most favorable location of the bed- near the wall. A bed, placed head to the wall, will create a feeling of security and comfort. But to have a bed at the window or a headboard in a corner is not worth it!
    How to put a bed in the feng shui bedroom
  3. Just do not put the head of the bed under the sloping overhanging ceiling. This adversely affects mental health.
    How to put a bed in the bedroom
  4. The bed must be placed in such a way that it is accessible from either side. Do not overload the path to the box with unnecessary items.
    How best to put a bed in the bedroom
  5. Extra things are an obstacle to a good rest. Place only the necessary items in the sleeping area. Because every detail in the bedroom is able to accumulate and carry this or that energy.

    By the way, this applies to the old things that everyone likes to keep under the sofa. Better find another place for trash or do not keep it in the house at all.

    How to put the bed in the bedroom

  6. Place the bed as far as possible from the door, after all, vanity and everyday affairs should not bother you in the bedroom.
    How can I put a bed in the bedroom
  7. Sconces, pictures and shelves do not belong above the head of the bed. Nothing should hang over you!
    Where it is better to put a bed in the bedroom
  8. It is desirable that the entrance door to the room was visible to the person lying on the bed. If the door is located behind the head or too close, the dream will be restless and disturbing.
    How to put a bed in a small bedroom
  9. If you want a relationship with the other half to be harmonious, do not prefer a split into two parts of the bed. Such a clear line can cause disagreements and quarrels.
    How to arrange a bed in the bedroom for a feng shui
  10. And remember that in the bedroom should always be clean and fresh! Change bed linen at least once a week and do not forget that the mattress must be turned from time to time.
    Where to put the bed in the bedroom

When the house is all in its place, then its inhabitants will feel healthy, rested and full of energy for new achievements!

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