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Treatment of joints with home remedies

Chestnuts grow at every step, and their curative fruits are not collected only lazy. Because it is not only a great material for children's crafts, but also Priceless medicine For adults. Folk medicine is filled with recipes based on the healing properties of horse chestnut, and rheumatology is no exception.

Redaction "so simple!" Shares a recipe for medicinal tinctures for the joints of a precious fruit that literally rolls under your feet.

Use of horse chestnut

Treatment of joints with home remedies

Application of horse chestnut in complex therapyJoint diseases are popular not only among connoisseurs of folk medicine, many eminent experts of traditional medicine have long appreciated the whole benefit of this magical plant.

Organic substances in the chestnut strengthen the vessels, reduce the permeability of the vascular wall and prevent the occurrence of edema and inflammatory processes.

There are many ways to prepare medicinal tincture from horse chestnut. Choose any - and soon for the cause!

  1. Tincture on the water
    3 crushed fruit chestnut pans 1 tbsp. Boiling water, let it brew for 3 hours. Ready tincture and use 2 tbsp. L. 3 times a day before meals. For the preparation of medicinal tinctures, it is not necessary to wait for autumn! In the spring, during the flowering of the chestnut, collect flowers and brews 1 tbsp. L. 1 cup of boiling water.
    Horse chestnut for joints
  2. Tincture of alcohol
    To prepare such a tincture you will needBrown rind of fruit. 50 g of peel grind and pour 200 g of alcohol. Insist 14 days. Ready-to-use infusion and use 15 drops 3 times daily before meals. You will see, the result will not make you wait long!
    Horse chestnut tincture for joints
  3. Chestnut kvass
    Such a curative drink is prepared by fermentation. Take 30 crushed fruits of chestnut, 3 liters of boiled water, 1 stack. Sugar and 1 tbsp. Whey. Place all the ingredients in a large sealed vessel and leave for 2 weeks. A medical chestnut kvass will be ready soon!
    Horse chestnut for the treatment of joints

Remember that any method of home treatment can only be used After the recommendation The attending physician!

Keep these effective recipes and be healthy!