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Detox-program at home

This detox program I would from all overResponsibility was called non-trivial. For example, for dinner we will have soup, and yet - we will cook by our own hands the best remedy for eliminating any problems with digestion.

If you want to clear the body ofExcess water and toxins, get rid of obviously extra pounds and become a more energetic person, our recommendations will help you. Let's start with the fact that we go to the pharmacy and buy a package of wormwood, a bitter, miraculous dry grass. Home detox Will pass with the maximum benefit for health!

Detox program

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Detox program at home

  1. Principle number 1
    Grind wormwood bitter in a coffee grinder and take 4 times a day for 1 tsp, washing down with a lot of water. Preferably in breaks between meals.

    Why do it need to be done? Wormwood irritates the nerve endings in the mouth, stimulates the production of gastric juice, because the food is much better digested.

    In addition, wormwood - a well-known anthelmintic. How often are problems with the stomach and intestinesAre associated with parasites! Now they will not be, thanks to wormwood the intestine will be completely cleansed of all kinds of muck. There is another nice plus of using this herb - it reduces appetite and discourages cravings for sweets.

    Home detox

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  2. Principle number 2
    Start the day with two glasses of water diluted with lemon juice. Drink as much as possible these 5 days! The best drink that will help cleanse the body, in addition to pure water - Decoction of apples and raisins. Prepare the broth in the evening, throwing 2 liters of water 2 sliced ​​apple with peel and 3 tbsp. L. Raisins.

    Such compote has a specific taste, but manyIt seems pleasant! Be sure to drink these 2 liters of broth for a day, but do not forget about water either. The more you drink, the easier the body gets rid of excess fluid and accumulated harmful substances.

    Detox at home

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  3. Principle number 3
    For breakfast - oatmeal. Detox menu Should be approximately the same all 5 days, butThis does not mean that all products will be the same. Porridge can be cooked with milk or without, pour kefir. You can use it with fruits - apple, banana and kiwi - or with dried fruits.

    Drink 30 minutes after breakfast, you can tea without sugar, you can drink the broth, which was mentioned above. Coffee should not be consumed, since with such nutrition it can harm the liver and kidneys.

    Home detox program

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  4. Principle number 4
    Second breakfast - a little cottage cheese and fruit or a bit of yogurt and any fruit.
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  5. Principle number 5
    dinner. Obligatory in the lunch menu should be raw vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, green lettuce leaves. Greens help accelerate the elimination of toxins! You can also eat boiled chicken fillet or egg, tuna fillet. A portion can be impressive, that is a large plate of vegetable salad and 2 eggs or a solid piece of fillet.
    Detox at home

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  6. Principle 6
    Afternoon tea. Banana, apple, a handful of nuts. Do not skip meals! This is very important, because during an acute attack of hunger you can break down and eat something that is not according to plan.
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  7. Principle number 7
    For dinner - soup. Soup should be made from different vegetables, but without potatoes. You can with a chicken! Believe me, if you did not have to eat soup before, you will understand all the advantages of this meal. This soup perfectly sates, while it is low-calorie.

    Use in the preparation of soup different spices: turmeric, coriander, red pepper, as well as greens. Spices will help the body to clear!

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  8. Principle number 8
    Do not forget about the importance of eating without hurrying. Also during the detox program it is worth a lot of walking. It's walking that helps your body survive stress restrictions. Complex physical exertion should not be bothered during the days of unloading.
    Detox at home

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If you follow these recommendations andAdhere to this menu, you are guaranteed to lose weight and digestion. The intestine will be completely cleansed. In a short time there will be positive changes in the body! Improve the skin condition, sleep, well-being. Is not it worth it to try for this?

Tell me in the comments if you wanted to try the detox program described above.