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Treating knees folk remedies

knee-joint, Perhaps one of the largest in our body, but also the most vulnerable.

Every day on our knees are enormous loads, and if they are aggravated with excess weight, a wrong diet, frequent injuries, there is nothing surprising in that with age Knee pain Almost every 2nd person on the planet begins to feel.

Pain in the knees

At the first alarming symptoms it is necessary to consult a doctor and start a timely Joint treatment, Because neglected cases are fraught withImmobility. The causes of pain in the knees can be and trauma, and arthrosis, and arthritis, and rheumatism, and bursitis, so before the start of therapy you need to find out the exact diagnosis.

"so simple!" Knows several folk ways that help To relieve inflammation and pain of knee joints Before the beginning of complex treatment.

Pain in the knees

Knee treatment with folk remedies

  1. Cabbage leaf Wash, wipe dry and attach to the diseased knee, wrapped in an elastic bandage. It is better to leave for the night.
  2. Badger fat (Sold in a pharmacy), melt in a water bath and mix it in equal proportions with honey. Rub the remedy into the affected knee several times a day.
  3. A radish pack for the night: mix the gruel Black radish With honey in equal parts and attach to the knee, wrap it with a film, and on top with a towel. This mixture is desirable to use and inside for joint health.

Remember that Diseases of knee joints - a serious matter, requiring an integrated approach: diet, removal of the inflammatory process, chondroprotectors, exercise therapy. But before starting to take action, do not forget to visit a doctor.

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