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Use of figs for the body

Figs, wine berry, fig, fig tree fruit ... asOnly do not call this sweet fruit in different cultures! The magic properties of figs make legends for more than 5 thousand years. This is really a paradise fruit, because the leaves of the fig tree served as clothing for Adam and Eve. We often pass by these tasty fruits, not suspecting how useful they are and simply necessary in the diet!

The use of figs

Figs easily replace sweets with diets, because inOne fruit contains a lot of fructose and only 49 calories. Fig fruits are rich in organic acids, pectin, useful fats, proteins, folic acid, vitamin c, iron, copper, fiber. Figs are useful not only for patients and children, but for everyone who wants to improve their health.

The use of figs for the body

Fresh fruit

  1. how to choose. To select a ripe figs, push on the fruit. It should be soft and have a very strong sweetish flavor. Do not buy a hard and crushed fruit, but if there are scratches on it - it's okay, it does not affect the taste. Also, one should not take fruit with a putrid or sour smell.

    Depending on the variety Fresh figs Can be green, brown, yellow or dark purple, and the size can be different.

    Figs breakfast

    How to store. Fresh figs quickly deteriorates. Keep it no more than three days, then it begins to lose its taste qualities. The container in which the figs are stored must be opened, so that the moisture evaporates and bacteria and mold do not develop.

    Also fresh figs can be frozen. It retains almost all its useful properties. In this form, the fruit can be stored for 12 months.

    as it is. Fresh wine berries are recommended to be used together with the skin. If the peel is firm, the figs are cut in half and eat the pulp with a spoon. A day you can eat 2-3 figs half an hour before a meal.

    Very tasty breakfasts and desserts are obtained fromBoiled figs. For this use 2 cups of water for every 8 fruits. Cook the figs on low heat for 15 minutes. You can serve ready-made fruit with yoghurt, sour cream, cottage cheese.

    Fresh figs

    There are still a lot of ways to eat figsIn food. From it make jams and jams, add to salads, second courses, pastries and even bread. Figs are perfectly combined with cheeses, dairy products, dried ham. From it you can prepare an exquisite sauce or dressing for fish, meat and vegetables.

    How to choose a fig

Dried figs

  1. how to choose. To choose a good fig, you need to knowSeveral rules. Pay attention to the color: it should be light brown, beige, matte. Do not be afraid of white coating - it's glucose, which came out. Fruits should be slightly flattened, approximately the same size, slightly soft and not over-dried.

    How to store. Low temperature and dryness - the mainStorage conditions of dried figs. At their non-observance dried fruits are dampened and pests are planted in them. So keep the dried figs in a cool place, where moisture and direct sunlight do not get. It can be put in a container with a lid, canvas bag or jar.

    The use of figs

    as it is. Many are wondering whether it is necessary to wash Dried figs, Because he goes a long way from the south to your table. Fruits should be washed, and even better soaked, so that they become more succulent.

    Dried figs can be eaten just like that, withoutAny processing. They add fragrant notes to any dish or drink. Porridge, muffins and dairy desserts are the best friends of figs, so do not be stingy and add them abundantly to your diet.

    The use of figs

Figs fills with energy, restores strength,Raises the mood and vitality, strengthens and renews the body. Hope this article will help you choose, store and use this delicacy correctly.